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4000 Series - Students » 4700 Student Records

4700 Student Records

All student records will be accurate, current, and maintained with appropriate measures of security and confidentiality. The principal is responsible for meeting all legal requirements pertaining to the maintenance, review, and release of records retained at the school.

A. Annual Notification of Rights

The principal is responsible for providing eligible students and parents with annual notification of their rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The notice must contain all information required by federal law and regulations. The school district does not have to individually notify parents or eligible students of their rights, but must provide the notice in a manner reasonably likely to inform the parents and eligible students of their rights. Effective notice must be provided to parents or eligible students who are disabled or whose primary or home language is not English.

B. Review, Release of Records to Parent, Guardian, or Eligible Student

A parent, guardian, or eligible student (one who is at least 18 years old or is married) will be allowed access to the student's records upon proper request. A formal review of a student's complete records will be conducted only in the presence of the principal or his or her designee. School personnel will not destroy any educational records if there is an outstanding request to inspect or review the records.
A parent, guardian, or eligible student has the right to challenge an item in the student record believed to be inaccurate or inappropriate. The principal will examine a request to amend a student record item and respond in writing to the person who challenges the item. Subsequent steps, if necessary, will follow the student grievance procedures as provided in Board of Education policy 1740/4010, Student and Parent Grievance Procedure.

C. Release of Records to Others

Student records will be released promptly when a student transfers to another school, and in other circumstances specifically permitted by law. Written permission by a parent, guardian, or eligible student is required for the release of a student's records in any other circumstance.
Directory information on students may be utilized by the school district, individual schools, or organizations, after providing proper notice and the opportunity to object to the parent, guardian, or eligible student (Board of Education policy 1310/4002, Parental Involvement). The following information is considered to be directory information:
  • student's name;
  • address;
  • telephone listing;
  • date and place of birth;
  • participation in officially recognized activities and sports;
  • weight and height of members of athletic team;
  • dates of attendance;
  • diplomas, certification, and awards received;
  • most recent previous school or education at institution attended by the student; and
  • pictures or videos taken on buses, school grounds, in school buildings, and at school activities unless the picture or video may reveal confidential information about a student.
Decisions to provide directory information to outside organizations must be approved by the superintendent or his or her designee. If information is to be provided to outside organizations, parents, guardians, and eligible students should be notified of this potential use. The school district is not to discriminate between requests for directory information from organizations that are similar in purpose. If directory information is made available to persons or organizations which make students aware of occupational or educational options, the school district will provide access on the same basis to recruiters of the military forces of the State or United States for the purpose of informing students of educational and career opportunities available in the military.
Students with recognized exceptionalities will be accorded all rights in regards to their records as provided by state and federal law, including the Individuals with Disabilities Act.
Records cannot be withheld from a valid request by a parent, eligible student, or school for any reason, including in order to collect fines assessed to the parent or student.

D. Surveys, Evaluation

No student will be required, as a part of any applicable program, to submit to a survey, analysis or evaluation that reveals information concerning:
  • political affiliations;
  • mental and psychological problems potentially embarrassing to the student or the student's family;
  • sex behavior and attitudes;
  • illegal, antisocial, self-incriminating, and demeaning behavior;
  • critical appraisals of other individuals with whom respondents have close family relationships;
  • legally recognized privileged and comparable relationships, such as those of lawyers, physicians, and ministers; or
  • income (other than that required by law to determine eligibility for participation in a program or for receiving financial assistance under such program).   
Legal References:  Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 20 U.S.C. 1232g, h, 34 C.F.R. pt. 99; Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, 20 U.S.C. 1411 et. seq.; G.S. 115C-47(26), -114, -402
Cross References:  Student and Parent Grievance Procedure (policy 1740/4010), Parental Involvement (policy 1310/4002), Disciplinary Action for Exceptional Children/Disabled Students (policy 4307), Student Discipline Records (policy 4345)
Adopted:  January 9, 2006