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4000 Series - Students » 4338 Bomb Threats

4338 Bomb Threats

The Wilkes County Board of Education treats any bomb threat as an emergency. Administrators will follow all legal or law enforcement agency regulations in its procedures for responding to any bomb threat. The following procedures have been developed for dealing with a bomb threat:
  • Immediately evacuate all buildings; and
  • Immediately notify the Wilkes County Communications Center (838-9111) and the superintendent's office (667-1121).
The ranking law enforcement officer at the scene will take charge of conducting a search of the premises. No school personnel or students will be required to participate in the search. When the search is completed, the principal or his designee, in consultation with the ranking law enforcement officer, will decide when it is safe for students and staff to re-enter the buildings.
Each principal shall develop a written plan for implementing this policy and procedure at his/her school site.
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Adopted:  January 9, 2006