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4000 Series - Students » 4345 Student Discipline Records

4345 Student Discipline Records

The principal will retain in the student's file for that school year all records related to violations of Wilkes County Board of Education policies, school standards, or rules. At the end of the school year, all records will be removed except (1) notice of any suspension for a period of more than ten days or (2) of any expulsion under G.S.115C-391 and the conduct for which the student was suspended or expelled. The notice of suspension or expulsion will be expunged from the record if the student (1) graduates from high school or (2) is not suspended or expelled again during the two-year period commencing on the date of the student's return to school after the expulsion or suspension.

Confidential student records concerning conduct that posed a significant safety risk to the student or others in the school community may be disclosed to teachers and school officials, including teachers and school officials in other schools, who have legitimate educational interests in the behavior of the student.

As required by law, the superintendent will maintain the following data on each student suspended or expelled:  race, gender, age, the duration of the suspension, whether an alternative education was considered or provided, and whether the student had multiple suspensions.
As secretary to the Board of Education, the superintendent also will maintain records from the Board of Education's consideration of 365-day suspensions and expulsions, including information required by G.S. 115C-391(d).
Legal References:  20 U.S.C. 1232g(h); G.S. 115C-47, -276(r), -391
Cross References:  Anti-Social Behavior (policy 4330)
Adopted:  May 17, 2004