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"It takes a special person to light that fire, to raise our children's expectations for themselves and to never give up on them, no matter how challenging it might be. All of us are here because at some point, somebody did that for us."  -Author Unknown
April Marr Student Service Director

School Social Workers
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Angel Bell photo
Mulberry Elementary, Mountain View Elementary, and Roaring River Elementary. Also serves as Families in Transition Liaison - assisting families experiencing homelessness or involved with foster care.
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Regina Brown photo
North Wilkes Middle, North Wilkes High, and Traphill Elementary
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Laken Harrold photo
Boomer Ferguson Elementary, North Wilkesboro Elementary, and Wilkes Early College High
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Maria Renegar photo
C.B. Eller Elementary, Ronda Clingman Elementary, East Wilkes Middle, and East Wilkes High
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Amber Shumate photo
Millers Creek Elementary, Moravian Falls Elementary, and West Wilkes High
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Penny Souther photo C.C. Wright Elementary, Mount Pleasant Elementary, and West Wilkes Middle
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Brandy Miller photo
Central Wilkes Middle, Wilkesboro Elementary, and Wilkes Central High

School Nurses

Call 336-903-4185
Crystal Call photo
Central Wilkes Middle and Moravian Falls Elementary
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Danielle Goulds photo
 C.B. Eller Elementary and Mountain View Elementary
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Rebekah Hayes photo
East Wilkes Middle and Roaring River Elementary
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Amanda Jolly photo
North Wilkes High and Traphill Elementary
Allison Lambert photo
Millers Creek Elementary and West Wilkes High
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Ashleigh McGlamery photo
Mulberry Elementary and North Wilkesboro Elementary
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Megan Pinkston photo West Wilkes Middle and West Wilkes High
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Landra Roope photo
C.C. Wright Elementary and Mt. Pleasant Elementary
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Amanda Sidden photo
East Wilkes High and Ronda Clingman Elementary

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Kimberly Sluder photo
Wilkesboro Elementary and Wilkes Early College High
Lead School Nurse 
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 Nicole Splawn photo
North Wilkes Middle and North Wilkes High
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Kelli Treadway photo Boomer Ferguson Elementary and Wilkes Central High

Elementary School Counselors

Tana Myers Boomer-Ferguson Elementary
Kristy Hendren C.B. Eller Elementary
Nancy Wood C.C. Wright Elementary
Marianna Bowden Millers Creek Elementary
April Oxentine Millers Creek Elementary
Kelsey Adams Moravian Falls Elementary
Caroline Church Mount Pleasant Elementary
*SEL Support Coach
Mountain View Elementary
Angela Teague Mulberry Elementary
*Social Worker
North Wilkesboro Elementary
Angie Church Roaring River Elementary
TBA Ronda-Clingman Elementary
Elizabeth Coleman Traphill Elementary
Rachel Minick Wilkesboro Elementary

Middle School Counselors

Shannon Cox Central Wilkes Middle
Kendall Melton
Central Wilkes Middle
Heather Johnson East Wilkes Middle
Kim Welborn North Wilkes Middle
Margo Hull West Wilkes Middle

High School Counselors

Alicia Billings East Wilkes High
Tosha Mathis East Wilkes High
Lizz Mastrella North Wilkes High
Glenn Miller North Wilkes High
Bethaney Hamby West Wilkes High
Stephanie Stone West Wilkes High
Kyrie Krenz Wilkes Central High
Kelly Wise Wilkes Central High
Sarah Martin Wilkes Early College High

Turning Point

Alicia Wagoner East Wilkes High
Noah Johnson North Wilkes High
Dwayne Berrier West Wilkes High
Kim Parker Wilkes Central High

Gear Up Coordinators

Jody Freeman West Wilkes Middle School, West Wilkes High School, and Wilkes Early College High School
Kyla Kerr North Wilkes Middle School and North Wilkes High School
Brie Jarvis East Wilkes Middle School and East Wilkes High School
Kathryn Wright Central Wilkes Middle School and Wilkes Central High School