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Substitute Teaching



What are the qualifications to be a substitute teacher for Wilkes County Schools?

Substitute teachers must meet the following qualifications in order to serve as a substitute teacher in the Wilkes County school district:

  1. Complete Effective Teacher Training through a local community college or complete an on-line course called "Substitute 101" through the Western R.E.S.A (Regional Education Service Alliance). Effective Teacher Training through Wilkes Community College is an on-line training. Please contact Curt Miller at 336-838-6230 or cbmiller923@wilkescc.edu for more information.
  2. Schedule an appointment with Mrs. Melissa Shepherd (336-667-1121) with Wilkes County Schools' Human Resources Department in order to complete all pre-employment documentation, training, and to learn about AESOP (Automated Substitute Management System).
  3. Must be 21 years of age and have a high school diploma.

Once these three requirements have been met, substitutes will be activated in our automated substitute management system.



What components will be covered in the Substitute Teacher Training?
• School safety
• Wilkes County Schools Code of Conduct
• General communication
• Do’s and don’ts of substitute teaching
• Bloodborn pathogens and student wellness
• Substitute teacher Q and A



Who should I contact if I have questions regarding substitute teaching in the Wilkes County School District?
Individuals who wish to serve as a substitute teacher may contact Melissa Shepherd at (336) 667-1121.