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Transportation » Inclement Weather Plan and Procedures

Inclement Weather Plan and Procedures

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Decisions concerning the dismissal of school or alterations to the school day will be made only after careful personal inspection by school personnel and after consultation with other appropriate agencies.

When possible, a decision on school closing will be made during the afternoon or evening prior to the day schools are to be closed.

In the event that an announcement concerning school closing must be made on the morning of the closing, these announcements will be made as close to 5:00 a.m. as possible, but no later than 6:30 a.m.

All announcements regarding school closing will be publicized via all available media outlets including radio, television, and newspapers.

School Messenger will be the primary source of communication to notify school principals and staff. Parents will also receive information regarding school closings and delays via School Messenger.

During periods of inclement weather, it may become necessary to make one of the following schedule announcements:
Schools will operate on a regular schedule.
Schools will be closed. Announcement will indicate whether schools will be closed for teachers and students or students only.
Schools will operate. Buses will operate except on roads that have been previously identified on the limited route schedule. Schools may operate on a regular schedule or modified schedule depending upon the circumstances. Reminder:  an announcement with limited bus routes means that the buses will not travel those roads either AM or PM.
Schools will operate but on a delay basis. If the delay is announced on the day it occurs, the delay will be two hours. If the delay is announced the day prior, it may be one or two hours depending upon the situation. In some situations, if a delay is called and weather conditions quickly become worse, school could be canceled for the day. If so, the announcement to cancel school will be made before the delay period expires.
  • When school is delayed for one hour, no bus is to move before 7:00am.
  • When school is delayed for two hours, no bus is to move before 7:45am.
  • When school is delayed, the buses that transport exceptional children will operate on the same schedule as all other buses.


The following procedures should be put in place for a Limited Bus Route Announcement:
The limited bus route list for the district should be given to all drivers. The Principal/Assistant Principal in consultation with the drivers should establish stops as close as possible to the roads that are on the limited list. Please be reminded that even though a road isn't on the list doesn't mean that it will be accessible as some roads are ONLY accessible by using a road that is on this limited list. Stops should be clearly communicated to students and parents prior to the beginning of the winter season. Communications regarding approximate times of pick-up should also be communicated to the students and parents.
Specific information regarding our school district's winter weather procedures can be found on our Winter Weather Reminders page or by viewing the PDF files linked below. Those experiencing issues with accessibility should visit the Winter Weather Reminders page.