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4000 Series - Students » 4304 Student Possession and Use of Wireless Communication Devices and Other Electrical Equipment

4304 Student Possession and Use of Wireless Communication Devices and Other Electrical Equipment

I. Purpose

This policy addresses the possession and use of cellular telephones and other wireless communication devices by students at school and at school functions and events. Its purpose is to prevent disruption of, or interference with, the educational environment.

II. Definitions

For purposes of this policy the following definitions shall apply.
  1. "Wireless communications device" means a handheld electronic device having the ability to receive and/or transmit voice, text, or data messages or otherwise deliver a communication without a cable connection, including but not limited to cellular telephones, digital wireless phones, radio-/walkie-talkies, telephone pagers, PDA (personal digital assistants with wireless communications capabilities) phones, or RIM (research in motion) wireless devices.
  2. "Camera phone" means any cellular telephone or other wireless communications device capable of taking photographs.
  3. "Regular school hours" means the time from the beginning of the student instructional day to the end of the student instructional day.

III. Restrictions

Except as permitted by this policy, no student shall use, display, transmit, or have in the "on" position on school property (including classroom, bathroom, hallway, gymnasium, or cafeteria) any wireless communication device or personal entertainment device. Wireless communication devices such as PDAs and laptop computers may be used by students for instructional purposes under the supervision of school staff and as approved by the principal or his/her designee.
  1. Students may bring cellular telephones or other wireless communications devices on school property; however, these devices are not to be seen or heard at any time during the school day except as approved by the principal or his/her designee.
  2. Camera phones may not be used to take photographs in rest rooms, locker rooms, or any other setting with an expectation of privacy.
  3. Students may not possess or use portable radios, tape recorders, tape/CD/DVD players, MP3/4 players, electronic games, or other similar electronic devices on school property during the regular instructional school hours except as approved by the principal or his/her designee.
  4. The Wilkes County Board of Education shall not be responsible for theft, loss, or damage to a student's personal electronic equipment (including cell phones) brought on any school campus or to any school event. Students are solely responsible for any loss or damage to cellular telephones, other wireless communication devices, or electronic equipment.

IV. Consequences

Penalties for the violation of this policy are set as follows:
Devices will be confiscated. Parents may pick up the device from the school office on the last day of school each week between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm.
Legal References:   G.S. 115C-36, -391
Adopted:  June 10, 2009
Revised:  June 4, 2012; September 8, 2014