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7000 Series - Personnel » 7711 Membership in Professional Meetings

7711 Membership in Professional Meetings

If a teacher is asked to attend an in-service type professional meeting by the superintendent or other staff member during a regular workday, there shall be no deduction from the teacher's salary. If a substitute is required, regular in-service funds shall be used for this provided that prior approval has been given by the staff development director or principal.
Pay with substitute deduction will be allowed for absences for attendance at a professional organization meeting with the following regulations:
1. Maximum of three (3) consecutive days for in-state meeting or five (5) days for out-of-state meeting.
2. Maximum of ten (10) days for any one school year.
3. Teacher requests permission in writing at least one (1) week prior to the meeting.
4. Teacher makes thorough lesson plans so that students can continue with regular work during absences.
5. A qualified substitute is available.
The limitation of days set out above shall not apply to a person who is a local or district president or president-elect or any state or national officer of an educational professional association or to a person selected as National Teacher of the Year from this state.
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Adopted: January 9, 2006