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7000 Series - Personnel » 7300 Staff Responsibilities

7300 Staff Responsibilities

For students to succeed, all staff members must approach their responsibilities conscientiously, always remembering that the ultimate responsibility of the school district is to create the opportunity and environment in which students can learn.
Also essential to the success of ongoing school operations and the instructional program are the following specific responsibilities, which will be required of all personnel:
  • be familiar with, support, and, where appropriate, enforce Wilkes County Board of Education policies, administrative procedures, school rules, and applicable laws;
  • attend to the safety and welfare of students, including the need to ensure that students are supervised at all times;
  • demonstrate integrity, respect and commitment to the truth through attitudes, behavior and dress;
  • address or appropriately direct any complaints concerning the schools, the school program or school operation;
  • support and encourage good school-community relations in all interactions with students, parents and members of the community; and
  • support parents in effectively participating in their child’s education and never encourage or coerce a child to withhold information from a parent.
Legal References:  G.S. 114A-20, 115C-47, -307, -308
Cross References:
Adopted:  January 9, 2006
Revised:  September 11, 2023