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7401 Superintendent

By its very nature, the position of Superintendent of Schools is an exacting one. In addition to the minimum requirements specifically set forth by the North Carolina State Board of Education, the superintendent shall possess the following qualifications:
> Be of good character and unquestionable morals and integrity;
> Possess good judgment and common sense, along with the ability to think clearly and independently, relying on facts instead of prejudices;
> Demonstrate high business and educational ability and leadership;
> Accept responsibility;
> Have the ability to inspire and motivate school personnel to perform at a high level of competency;
> Have a strong personality and a capacity for maintaining the respect of educational leaders in the State of North Carolina;
> Be able to develop a comprehensive curriculum for the times;
> Be able to negotiate.
In addition to duties specified by law and regulations of the State Board of Education, further duties of the superintendent shall be:
To serve as executive head of the entire school system in charge of both educational and business functions:
To administer the development and maintenance of a positive educational program designed to meet the needs of the county and to carry out policies of the Board; to initiate matters of educational policy and to make definite recommendations thereon; to keep abreast of the best educational developments and advice regarding changes in policy;
To recommend the number and positions required to provide proper personnel for the operation of such a program;
To recommend policies on organizations, finance, instruction, school planning, and other functions of the school program;
To nominate for appointment, to assign, and to define the duties of all personnel, subject to approval of the Board;
To supervise the preparation of the annual budget and to recommend it to the Board for approval;
To advise and recommend in matters of business administration; to pass upon all proper requests for equipment and supplies; to point out possible economics; and to supervise activities of the school system;
To keep the Board informed on the progress and condition of the schools;
To conduct a continuous study of the development and needs of the schools, and keep the public adequately informed concerning his findings;
To inform the Board of all incoming funds and expenses;
To represent the Board to the personnel and to represent the personnel to the Board;
To provide annual financial information of central office and of all schools regarding expenses and receipts.
The Superintendent shall keep himself informed of modern educational thought and practices by study, by visiting other school systems, by attendance at educational conferences, and by such other means as may appear to be appropriate. (Prior approval by the Board is required for any major expenditure.)
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Adopted: January 9, 2006