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3000 Series - Educational Programs » 3421 Guidelines for At-Risk Students

3421 Guidelines for At-Risk Students

The Wilkes County Board of Education believes that the academic achievement of at-risk students can be improved and that, with adequate intervention, the students considered at-risk will make adequate progress. To ensure that at-risk students receive the best benefit from the available educational system in order to facilitate their movement into productive adult lifestyles, the Board of Education adopts the following guidelines:
  1. All students should have equitable access to educational opportunities, including appropriate and necessary support.
  1. Adequate and equitable funding should be available to meet the needs of at-risk students.
  1. All child-serving agencies should cooperate in providing services to students and, when possible, provide services on a school campus.
  1. School and community groups should stress the importance of education, the well-being of the individual, and respect for education and academic achievement.
  1. Resources should be provided to eliminate inhibitors to positive academic performance for all students.
  1. Partnerships among parents, businesses, educators, and service groups should be established to study and recommend a sound economic base for quality education and an improved citizenry.
  1. School staffs should create an environment which promotes high expectations and academic excellence for all students.
  1. To the extent possible, school staffs should reflect the diversity of the student population.
  1. The teaching staff should use effective strategies in all aspects of instruction and classroom management.
  1. Board of Education policies and administrative procedures should support programs which are designed to reduce the number of at-risk students.
  1. The Board of Education should engage in marketing and public relations practices which encourage community and parental support and involvement in the schools.
  1. All policymakers should participate in annual training sessions to become aware of the issues surrounding at-risk students and current programs which are designed to reduce the number of at-risk students.
School staffs are encouraged to develop strategies for assuring that each of these guidelines governs all educational practices in the individual schools. The Wilkes County Board of Education is committed to providing assistance to local school staffs as they strive to meet the needs of at-risk students.
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Adopted:  January 9, 2006