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3000 Series - Educational Programs » 3625 Dual Enrollment for Athletic Participation

3625 Dual Enrollment for Athletic Participation

This policy applies to home school students who desire to participate in Wilkes County High School athletic programs.
  1. A home school student is eligible to be dually-enrolled and to participate in athletics at the high school level in the Wilkes County Schools only if the student’s domicile is located within the administrative boundaries of the Wilkes County Schools. Home school students can be dually-enrolled and participate in athletics only within the LEA of their domicile.
  1. Home school students must become dually-enrolled in the Wilkes County Schools in accordance with the enrollment and assignment procedures and policies established by the Wilkes County Board of Education. In addition, home school students must comply with the following:
  1. The student must present a home school card from the Division of Non-Public Education for  previous and current year, a transcript, an attendance record, and an immunization record.

  2. The student must submit proof that the student has been enrolled in a registered home school for 365 days prior to being eligible to participate in athletics in a Wilkes County high school.

  3. Prior to the first date of practice, the student must provide a nationally standardized  achievement test, taken within the last year, which indicates the overall grade level proficiency of the student. If the grade level indicated by the test is below the grade level for the year it was taken (determined by ninth grade entry date),  the student is ineligible for the current semester.

  4. The student must participate in a class schedule within a Wilkes County high school that is at least one-half of the school’s instructional day. Further, at least one class must be taken  on campus.

  5. In order to maintain athletic eligibility after the initial semester, the student must take each semester a minimum of two home school classes that have been pre-approved by the student’s assigned Wilkes County School. Dually-enrolled students must meet NCHSAA academic standards of attaining a minimum of three academic credits each semester and must meet Wilkes County Schools’ promotion standards at the end of each academic year.

  6. To maintain athletic eligibility, the dually-enrolled student must pass all Wilkes County high school classes in which the student is enrolled.

  7. Once dually-enrolled and deemed eligible to participate in athletics at a Wilkes County high school, the student must maintain continuous dual enrollment. Failure to maintain continuous dual enrollment results in the student’s ineligibility at all NCHSAA member schools for 365 days.

  8. A home school student must notify in writing the principal (or principal’s designee) of the student’s intent to try out for an athletic team at least ten (10) days prior to the first practice date of the sport season(s) in which the student wishes to participate. The student’s eligibility for athletic participation is pending until the enrollment process is verified as complete and the student  has been determined to be eligible. A student who does not meet this ten-day requirement is ineligible for that sport season.

  9. Dually-enrolled students must meet all other applicable NCHSAA rules and Wilkes County Schools athletic policies and regulations to be eligible for athletic participation at a Wilkes County School (e.g., Age of Player, Eight Semester Rule, Medical Examination, Proof of Residence, Felony Policy, Policy 4325 (Drugs and Alcohol), etc.).

  10. A dually-enrolled student who becomes a fully-enrolled student shall be governed by NCHSAA rules applicable to fully-enrolled.

Adopted:  December 2, 2019