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3000 Series - Educational Programs » 3300 Time for Learning

3300 Time for Learning

The Wilkes County Board of Education believes that time is a variable in the educational process and that children may need different amounts of instructional time in order to fulfill the educational goals and objectives of the Board of Education. The Board of Education also recognizes that the school day and school year should be planned in a manner to facilitate student learning and to permit an accurate assessment of student achievement in scheduled testing periods.

Instructional Time

Interruptions of instructional time and time off task must be kept to a minimum. The principal is responsible for ensuring that instructional time is maintained and protected in the school schedule. Each teacher is responsible for ensuring maximal use of instructional time in his or her classes. Schools are encouraged to seek creative means of reducing transitional time and scheduling non-instructional activities. A proposal for alternative scheduling of classes or other such strategies may be a part of a school improvement plan.

School Day

Every school will provide a minimum of 5.5 hours per day of instructional time unless the Board of Education has approved a school improvement plan for that school that provides varying amounts of instructional time.

School Year

The school calendar will be for 215 days and will provide for a minimum of 180 days or 1025 hours of instruction covering at least nine months in all schools. As funding permits, the Board of Education may seek increasing the number of instructional hours or days, at least for those students who need more time to learn the curriculum.

The Board of Education may initiate or review recommendations from the superintendent or a school for modifying the traditional school calendar. The superintendent and individual schools are encouraged to obtain input from teachers and other personnel as well as from the community in developing proposals for modifying the school calendar. An extended school year may be included as a part of a school improvement plan.
Legal References:  G.S. 115C-36, -47, -84, -105.21B(b)(2), -238.31, -288; State Board of Education Policy Manual, policy 04A101
Cross References:  Goals and Objectives of the Educational Program (policy 3000), School Improvement Plan (policy 3430)
Adopted:  January 9, 2006
Revised:  August 4, 2014