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1000 Series - Governing Policies » 1800 Governing Principle - Stewardship of Resources

1800 Governing Principle - Stewardship of Resources

A system of excellent schools conserves financial and environmental resources and operates in an efficient manner. The Wilkes County Board of Education’s vision for conserving resources and operating efficiently is expressed in the following board policies:
Policy 2121 Board Member Conflict of Interest
Policy 6400 Goals of the Purchasing Function
Policy 6401 Ethics and the Purchasing Function
Policy 6410 Organization of the Purchasing Function
Policy 6425 Continuing Contracts
Policy 6440 Local Purchasing Requirements for Equipment, Materials, and Supplies
Policy 6500 Goals of Equipment, Materials and Supplies Services
Policy 6510 Organization of Equipment, Materials and Supplies Services
Policy 6520 Use of Equipment, Materials, and Supplies 
Policy 6521 Personal Use of Equipment, Materials, and Supplies
Policy 6522 Use of Equipment, Materials, and Supplies by Non-school Groups
Policy 6525 Instructional Materials Services
Policy 6530 Resource Conservation
Policy 6540 Hazardous Materials
Policy 6550 Vandalism
Policy 7730 Employee Conflict of Interest
Policy 8000 Fiscal Goals
Policy 8100 Budget Planning and Adoption
Policy 8210 Grants and Funding for Special Projects 
Policy 8230 Penalties, Fines and Forfeitures
Policy 8300 Fiscal Management Standards
Policy 8320 Depositories
Policy 8325  Insurance
Policy 8340 Daily Deposits
Policy 8410 Individual School Accounts
Policy 8510 School Finance Officer
Policy 8520 School Treasurer
Policy 9020 Facility Design
Policy 9030 Facility Construction
Policy 9120 Bidding for Construction Work
Policy 9200 Care and Maintenance of Facilities
Policy 9400 Sale and Disposal of Board-Owned Real Property
Legal Reference:  G.S. 115C-36

Cross References:  Governing Principles (Policy 1100), Board and Superintendent Relations (Policy 2010), Adoption of Policies (Policy 2420)

Adopted:  January 9, 2006