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5000 Series - Community Relations » 5221 Solicitations of Staff and Students

5221 Solicitations of Staff and Students

Soliciting funds can cause antagonism or embarrassment to persons who do not wish to contribute or whose financial obligations do not permit their making contributions. To avoid this conflict, no individual will be permitted to solicit from employees during working hours except upon recommendation of the superintendent with the approval of the Board of Education
Student rosters will be released only to school personnel.
The Wilkes County Board of Education, pursuant to the General Educational Provisions Act declares the following as "Directory Information" as provided in said Act, and further declares that information relating to students may be made public if said information is in any of the following categories:
--Student's Name, Address, Telephone Listing
--Date and Place of Birth
--Major Field of Study
--Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
--Weights and Heights of members of athletic teams
--Dates of Attendance
--Degrees and Awards Received
--The most recent previous educational agency or institution attended by the student, and
--School related photographs for use in yearbooks or other publications
Any parent of any student in the district may notify the district by notifying the principal of the school in which said student attends, of the parent's desire that none of the above information may be released without the parent's consent, provided that such notification is given the district with thirty (30) days of legal public notice which is published annually in local newspapers.
Gifts to teachers, teacher assistants, or other personnel by students on special occasions are not prohibited; however, solicitation of gifts from students by any employee of the Board of Education is prohibited.
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Adopted: January 9, 2006