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5000 Series - Community Relations » 5000 Schools and the Community

5000 Schools and the Community

The Wilkes County Board of Education recognizes that the public schools are an integral part of the community and that the public has a vested interest in having students develop into productive members of the workforce and society. The Board of Education encourages the community to be involved in the schools and to help the schools in attaining Board of Education and school goals for student success. The Board of Education has established its commitment to the community in various policies, including:
• Public Records (policy 5070);
• Compliance with the Open Meetings Law (policy 2320);
• Community Use of Facilities (policy 5030); and
• Visitors to the Schools (policy 5020).
All administrators also are expected to demonstrate a commitment to working with the community. Administrators will communicate to the public the goals and objectives of the schools and the progress of the schools in meeting those objectives, including the school building improvement reports required by G.S. 115C- 12(9)c3. Administrators should also solicit the advice and counsel of staff, students, parents, and citizens on basic issues through appropriate channels of feedback and advisory councils.
Legal References: G.S. 115C-12(9)c3, -36, -47
Cross References: Compliance with the Open Meetings Law (policy 2320), Visitors to the Schools (policy 5020), Community Use of Facilities (policy 5030), Public Records (policy 5070)
Adopted: January 9, 2006