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5022 Registered Sex Offenders

The Wilkes County Board of Education is committed to the safety of students and other persons on school property. In order to maintain a safe school environment, the superintendent and all school personnel shall enforce the provisions of this policy at all times.
In accordance with G.S. 14-208.18, all persons who (1) are required to register under the Sex Offender and Public Protection Program AND (2) have been convicted of any sexually violent offense or any offense in which the victim was under the age of 16 years at the time of the offense are expressly forbidden to knowingly be present on any property owned or operated by the school system, including school buildings, athletic fields, playgrounds, parking lots, school buses, activity buses or other property of any kind for any reason, including attendance at sporting events or other school-related functions, whether before, during or after school hours. In addition, sex offenders subject to G.S. 14- 208.18 may not attend or be present at any student function or field trip on or off school property that is (1) school-sponsored or (2) otherwise under the official supervision or control of school personnel. This policy applies to all covered sex offenders regardless of their relationship to or affiliation with a student in the school system.
The superintendent or designee shall consult with the Board of Education’s attorney to create and maintain a list of the criminal offenses that subject a person to the requirements of Section A above.
1. The Superintendent or his designee, in cooperation with local law enforcement officials, will develop, keep current, and distribute to school principals a list of registered sex offenders residing in Wilkes County who are subject to G.S. 14-208.18 and in particular those who have children enrolled in the Wilkes County Schools. To the extent practical the list will include photographs of each registered sex offender that is subject to this regulation. The list may be distributed in electronic format.
2. The Superintendent or his designee will develop a form letter to be sent to each registered sex offender subject to G.S. 14-208.18 and this policy who is a parent or legal guardian of a student enrolled in the Wilkes County Schools that informs the sex offender of his/her duties and limitations under the law and this policy with respect to school property.
3. All principals must register (the Superintendent or his designee may register) on-line at http://ncfindoffender.com/ to receive notification when a sex offender moves within 5 miles of their school. 
4. All school personnel must immediately report to a school administrator the presence or suspected presence of a known or suspected registered sex offender on school property. School administrators and other supervisory personnel shall report to the superintendent and law enforcement when they reasonably believe that a registered sex offender is or has been on school property or at a school event.
5. School administrators also shall notify the superintendent or designee of any known student or parent or guardian of a student at their school who is suspected to be a registered sex offender.
A person who is banned from school property under G.S. 14-208.18 may be on school property only under the following circumstances.
1. Students Students who are subject to G.S. 14-208.18 may be on school property only in accordance with policies of the Wilkes County Schools applicable to student sex offenders.
2. Voters
Voters who are subject to G.S. 14-208.18 and are eligible to vote may be present on school property for the sole purpose of voting if the school property is being used as a voting place. The voter must notify the principal of the school that he or she is registered under the Registry Program and the voter must remain at all times in the portion of the school being used as the polling place. The voter must leave school grounds immediately after voting.
3. Parents or Guardians
a. An individual who is subject to this policy and is the parent or guardian of a student enrolled in school may be on school property only for the following reasons:
1) to attend a scheduled conference with school personnel to discuss the child’s academic or social progress; or
2) at the request of the principal or designee, for any reason relating to the welfare or transportation of his or her child.
b. For each visit authorized by the principal in accordance with subsection (a) above, the parent or guardian must provide the principal with prior written notice of his or her registration on the Sex Offender Registry and must contact the school principal or a designee in advance by telephone or email to schedule or confirm the date and time of his/her arrival at school. If the parent fails to notify the school in advance, he/she must report to the office immediately upon arrival at the school. Notice of his or her presence at school includes the nature and specific times of the visit.
c. For each visit authorized by subsection (a) above, the parent or guardian must arrange to meet a staff member at the edge of school property or in the school parking lot before exiting his/her vehicle, check in at the principal’s office upon arrival and departure, and remain under the direct supervision of school personnel at all times. If school personnel are not available to supervise the parent or guardian during any visit, then the parent or guardian will not be permitted to enter or remain on school property.
d. For each visit authorized by subsection (a) above, the parent or guardian must comply with all reasonable rules and restrictions placed upon him or her by the principal, including restrictions on the date, time, location and length of meeting.
In order to ensure compliance with this policy, each contract executed by the Board of Educationmust include a provision that requires the other party to the contract to conduct an annual check of the State Sex Offender and Public Protection Program and the State Sexually Violent Predator Registration Program on all employees who may be sent to perform tasks on or deliver products to school property. Persons who are subject to Section A of this policy may not be sent onto school property for any reason.
In addition, each time the Board of Education enters into any contract or agreement for contracted services that involve direct interaction with children, the contract must include a provision that requires the other party to the contract to conduct an annual check of the National Sex Offender Registry on all contracted employees who may have direct contact with children.
No contractor or employee of a contractor registered with the State Sex Offender and Public Protection Program, the State Sexually Violent Predator Program or the National Sex Offender Registry may have direct interaction with children. This provision applies to contracts with a single individual. 
Legal References: G.S. 14-208.18, -25A; 115C-332, -332.1
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Adopted: November 1, 2010 Revised: