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2000 Series - Board of Education Operations » 2311 School Board Records

2311 School Board Records

The records of a Board of Education are defined as public records by G.S. 132-1; these include minutes, written policy, teacher contracts, payroll records, and all correspondence concerning public business. Any person has the right to examine and make copies of these records, provided that the examination is made at a reasonable time and does not interfere with office routine.
A fee may be charged for copies made, but it should accurately reflect the actual cost of copy materials; no charge may be made for the examination itself or for handwritten copies made by the examiner. A person examining the records may use his or her own staff to make copies, as long as this does not unduly interfere with the equal rights of others to inspect.
Legal References: G.S. 132-1; G.S. 115C-3
Cross References:
Adopted: January 9, 2006