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2000 Series - Board of Education Operations » 2010 - Board and Superintendent Relations

2010 - Board and Superintendent Relations

The Wilkes County Board of Education recognizes the importance of an effective working relationship between the Board of Education and superintendent. The Board of Education further recognizes the distinct and separate areas of responsibility of the board and superintendent to the school district.
The superintendent shall be the chief executive officer of the school system and shall have, under the direction of the Board, general supervision of all the schools and of all personnel of the school system. The Wilkes County Board of Education maintains that legislation of reasonable policies is one of its most important functions and that the execution of the policies should be the function of the superintendent. He shall also interpret to the Board reactions of school personnel and the public toward the policies. The superintendent, in his discretion, may delegate to other school personnel the exercise of any powers and the discharge of any duties imposed upon him by Board policies or by vote of the Board; however, the delegation of power or duties shall not relieve the superintendent of responsibility taken under such delegation.
To maintain a cohesive relationship between the board and the school district, the superintendent will serve as secretary of the board and will assist all Board committees. The superintendent will keep the Board of Education informed of the operation of the district. The Board of Education asks that the superintendent or his designee notify all board members immediately of any incident involving the health and safety of students and personnel. The superintendent will make recommendations to the Board as required by law, Board of Education policy and as otherwise determined appropriate by the superintendent. The superintendent also will assist the board in making sound decisions and meeting the requirements of law by providing information and advice regarding all matters which require board action.
Legal References: G.S. 115C-36, -47, -276
Cross References: Board Authority and Duties (policy 1010), Duties of Officers (policy 2210)
Adopted: January 9, 2006