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Title I - School Plans » Wilkesboro Elementary School's PFE Plan

Wilkesboro Elementary School's PFE Plan

Title 1 School Parent and Family Engagement Plan

School Year:  2023-2024

School:  Wilkesboro Elementary School

Date Submitted:  September 7, 2023

This plan applies to Wilkesboro Elementary School. It describes how we will apply WCS Policy 1310/4002 which can be found on the WCS website. Wilkesboro Elementary School is committed to helping all learners reach their full potential. We understand that our families, school staff, and community work together to make this happen. This policy shows how we plan to accomplish this task.


Policy Involvement

Describe your plan to involve parents in the development of this policy and how you intend to document their participation and feedback.
The Title 1 Parental Involvement Policy is developed based on feedback and support from stakeholders. The School Leadership Team collaborates with the PTO executive team and the Parent Advisory Team to create the plan and discuss ways to share and seek feedback from parents. WES parent representatives are invited to attend meetings of the School Leadership Team and WCS District Parent Advisory Team. Meetings are documented with agendas, sign-in sheets, and minutes.

At the start of the school year, WES will meet with parents for our annual Title 1 meeting. In August, teachers will contact parents by phone or ClassDojo to schedule individual family conferences at a time that is convenient for parents. During these meetings, we will discuss: our Title 1 school status, the rights of Title 1 parents, the Parent and Family Engagement Plan, our curriculum and academic standards, assessments, and grade level expectations. We will share details about our annual Title 1 plan, offer suggestions for how to be more engaged, and provide opportunities to sign up to participate on the parent advisory team and become a volunteer.  We will solicit specific feedback on our implementation of the parent engagement plan and will review family compacts.

These meetings will be offered throughout the day and evenings across a series of days and after working hours for the convenience of stakeholders. Some meetings may be held virtually when requested. All information will be provided in a language and format understandable to families, and interpreters will be available for support and clarification during these meetings. Each meeting will be documented with an agenda and sign-in sheet.


Shared Responsibility for High Student Academic Achievement

Describe your plan to develop your school compact and gain meaningful collaboration with families.
The school-parent compact is a communication tool to support achievement for parents, staff, and students. The compact is an agreement on how each person will support the other in ensuring that the student is successful. Our school leadership team solicits feedback from parents, discusses, and revises the compact annually in collaboration with the parent advisory team and PTO officers. The parent/student handbook, the Parent and Family Engagement Plan, and other documentation will be reviewed during our first parent advisory team meeting. Teachers will discuss the school compact, agreements, and expectations during conferences with families. The final draft will be distributed in our parent/student handbook along with acknowledgment pages. We maintain an open-door policy throughout the year, and parents are welcome to visit classrooms and school for collaboration.  
WES values the participation of all parents. Teachers will communicate with weekly newsletters (in a translatable format) to help parents stay informed of activities and events and access materials for use at home. In addition, WES holds regular parent conferences each quarter and at any time when requested by families. Conference invitations are shared in formats that are accessible for all families.


Building Capacity for Involvement

Describe how your school will provide programs to assist parents in building capacity to be involved in their child’s education.
We invite all parents to family night events at least four times each year during the evening. During these events, we review current progress, listen to feedback, discuss curriculum and school happenings, provide opportunities for parent engagement, help parents know how to help with academics at home, offer student demonstrations and performances, and provide connections with our PTO. Interpreters will be available for these events. This year, these events are planned for the following dates.
  • August 22-25, 2023 - School visits with individual family meetings scheduled with teacher
  • October 19, 2023 - PTO Fall Festival
  • November 16, 2023 - PTO Family Night: Focus on Reading and performances by 4th and 5th grades
  • February 8, 2024 - PTO Family Night: Focus on Math and performances by 2nd and 3rd grades
  • May 9, 2024 - PTO Family Night: Focus on Science & Social Studies and performances by K and 1st grades
  • Date TBD 2023-2024 - One School, One Book literacy event
Our school leadership team meets monthly, the parent advisory team meets once each quarter, and our PTO executive team meets eight times each year. Invitations to these meetings will be posted on our website, weekly newsletters, and ClassDojo to encourage participation from all families. In addition, WES will conduct parent conferences throughout the year at times that are convenient to families. Interpreters will be available for these meetings when needed.



Describe how you plan to make all of these programs accessible to all of the parents at your school.
We communicate with all parents through a variety of ways - weekly phone calls via School Messenger, weekly newsletter via Smore (translatable), written invitations, and digital invitations on the school website, ClassDojo, Instagram, and Facebook. Our ClassDojo and Facebook pages provide two-way communication via messaging. Each teacher has a ClassDojo account and encourages all families to connect for direct messaging. All of our digital platforms provide accessibility and can be translated into many languages. In addition, written invitations and weekly phone calls home are shared in English and Spanish (our primary second language). Our school webpage is ADA-compliant and provides access to the visually impaired population. WES has an interpreter who attends school meetings, makes phone calls, has a posted weekly schedule, and is available as needed.



Describe how your Title I Parent and Family Engagement funds will be used to support these efforts.
We will use Title 1 funds to secure school/home folders for two-way communication, to provide family hang tags for safe, easy access to our campus, and to print student handbooks and yearly calendars for every student. We also use Title 1 funds to enrich and enhance students' learning by securing instructional materials, purchasing software and supplies, purchasing computer equipment, providing professional development, and employing additional staff.

This document was jointly developed by the WES School Leadership Team, the Parent Advisory Team, and the PTO Advisory group. Meetings with our parents are documented with agendas, sign-in sheets, and minutes. For copies of any of the documentation described, please contact Beckie Spears, Principal, or Rachel Williams, Title 1 Coordinator, at 336-838-4261.
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