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Title I - School Plans » Boomer-Ferguson Elementary School's PFE Plan

Boomer-Ferguson Elementary School's PFE Plan

Title 1 School Parent and Family Engagement Plan

School Year:  2023-2024

School:  Boomer-Ferguson Elementary School

Date Submitted: August 28, 2023

Policy Involvement

Describe your plan to involve parents in the development of this policy and how you intend to document their participation and feedback.
  • Parent Advisory Council meetings are held quarterly to get feedback and suggestions from families for school-provided collaborative events.
  • When events are held, families are asked to sign in to document their attendance at these events.
  • Feedback is requested from parents via surveys at least twice a year. At the beginning of the year, families are asked to complete a survey regarding our Parent and Family Engagement Policy. In the spring, we request information on various aspects of our Title I school status.

Shared Responsibility for High Student Academic Achievement

Describe your plan to develop your school compact and gain meaningful collaboration with families.

Our School-Parent Compact details the shared responsibilities among school staff and families to work collaboratively to ensure success for all students. This compact is reviewed and updated on a yearly basis through our Parent Advisory Council meetings and survey data collected from families in the spring.

Building Capacity for Involvement

Describe how your school will provide programs to assist parents in building capacity to be involved in their child's education.
Several events are offered throughout the year at various times to promote and encourage family engagement in their child's education.
  • Open House
  • Grandparents' Breakfast 
  • Quarterly PTO Performances/Terrific Kids 
  • Veterans' Day Program 
  • Family Game Night with a Curriculum Focus
  • Kindergarten Fun Times
  • Quarterly Awards Programs 
    • Attendance
    • Arts Recognitions
    • Science Fair
    • Spelling Bee
    • Soil & Water Poster Contest
  • Messages from the principal (phone, email, Class Dojo)
  • Monthly school newsletters


Describe how you plan to make all of these programs accessible to all of the parents at your school.
  • A language interpreter and/or a sign-language interpreter are available upon request.
  • Correspondence sent home is translated for those needing this service.
  • Events are offered at various times during school hours and after school hours to accommodate families' schedules.


Describe how your Title I Parent and Family Engagement funds will be used to support these efforts.
  • Check-in/Check-out licensing system at the front of the school for safety
  • Food for after-school events
  • Supplies for make & take events
  • Door prizes for events
  • Supplies for outreach materials
This document was jointly developed with our Parent Advisory Council. Every meeting with our parents is documented with an agenda, sign-in sheet, and minutes of the meeting. For a copy of any of the documentation mentioned in this plan, please contact Craig Tidline, Principal at 336-651-8900.
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