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2018-19 Spotlight on Education » November 2018

November 2018


This month's newsletter features:

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MCES Beta Club Sponsors Children

Who doesn't love to celebrate their birthday? The Millers Creek Elementary School Beta Club collected, organized, and delivered ONE HUNDRED Birthday Boxes for the children of Ebenezer Children's Home! These extraordinary boxes each included a gift, cake mix, icing, birthday plates, candles, and decorations! A WHOLE party in a box... talk about a blessing!


NWES Leads in Singapore Math

This month, North Wilkesboro Elementary has had three schools from around the state visit their teachers in their classrooms to see Singapore Math in action. NWES teachers have been doing Singapore Mathematics strategies for about 7 years and received the award of Model School last year from Burroughs Welcome Fund for their growth and consistency. This company has provided grants to the school since the start of the mathematics program. Wilkes County principals also visited North Wilkesboro Elementary in September to observe classrooms that used the same approach to mathematics that the state has recommended for the new North Carolina math standards. NWES teachers begin their lesson with an anchor task (launch) where they have the students discover ways to solve problems and choose methods to solve. Then, they have guided practice, independent practice, and a writing piece in their math class.


WWMS Cheerleaders Win Conference

Congratulations to the West Wilkes Middle School Cheerleading Squad, who won the Conference Championship on November 10th!


Moravian Falls Elementary Celebrates Friendsgiving

Friendsgivings are so much fun! On Monday, November 19, Moravian Falls Pre-K students and their families gathered to celebrate their first annual Friendsgiving. Students and parents enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast made by the wonderful Moravian Falls cafeteria staff. Part of the purpose of the Pre-K program is to connect with families and help everyone to become part of each child’s education. The Pre-K staff at Moravian Falls were so grateful that so many families participated. With over 50 families members in attendance there was a lot to be thankful for!


EWMS Helps Those Affected by Hurricane Florence

As with any disaster, East Wilkes Middle School wanted to do something to help. With Hurricane Florence, this feeling was even stronger. "That’s OUR coast line, and that’s where many of us vacation!" But for many employees at East Wilkes Middle School, the connection to the coast is also through family. Educator family that is! A former teacher and coach from EWMS is now an assistant principal at Malpass Corner Elementary School in Pender County. Feeling so strongly that they needed to help, but not wanting to “just” send money or “just” deliver water, they reached out to Malpass in search of what they needed most. The answer they got was heartwarming as well as heart breaking. It wasn’t the obvious that they wanted…not school supplies, or water, or not even money. They asked if they could do something for their displaced students for Thanksgiving or Christmas.
Over the next couple of weeks, EWMS students created over 30 boxes filled with items to make a Thanksgiving meal, as well as a grocery store gift card! The EWMS Kindness Crew wrapped the groceries with tissue paper and included in each box a Happy Thanksgiving card made by our student council members. But that isn’t all! Currently they are collecting items to create shoe boxes full of small gift items for each child for Christmas.


NWHS Students' Designs Chosen to Represent Scholarship Fund

Because of a vision and the dedication of many individuals, North Wilkes High School opened their doors in 1957 and within a few months thirty-six students became the first graduating class of North Wilkes High School. In 2018 a generous donor established The North Wilkes High School Alumni Scholarship to be awarded to one high school senior. The long-term vision of The North Wilkes High School Alumni Scholarship is for every student who graduates from North Wilkes to have the opportunity to receive a scholarship upon graduation. Giving to the scholarship fund not only allows former graduates to give back to a place that gave so much, but in turn send a powerful and caring message to the future generation of graduates while continuing to build on the strong foundation started many years ago.
And building on that strong foundation further is Mrs. Tracy Walker’s Adobe Visual Design Class. The North Wilkes Alumni Scholarship Committee reached out to Mrs. Walker and ask if any of her students would be willing to help us create messages to help in the promotion of the scholarship fund. Mrs. Walker challenged the entire class to work on the project. The project was difficult to say the least because of the quality and age of the photo of the first graduating class of North Wilkes High, however the students did a wonderful job. Congratulations to the following students, David Hawkins, Amanda Barker, and Victoria Semones! Their designs were chosen to represent the North Wilkes High Alumni Scholarship Fund. The committee would like to say a special thank you to Mrs. Walker’s class. "We are very grateful for students who give the best of their talents and gifts and for a teacher who challenges them. Their work will touch others far beyond the classroom walls". To see the winning designs and read more about the North Wilkes High School Alumni Scholarship, please visit the school’s website at North Wilkes High School Alumni Scholarship.


BFES Honors Veterans

Boomer Ferguson Elementary School celebrated Veteran’s Day on Monday, November 5th. Students honored our veterans by singing many patriotic songs! An impressive flag folding presentation was given by the North Wilkesboro VFW Honor Guard.


2018-2019 Science Fair Winners

On November 15, 2018, Wilkes County held its annual District Science Fair. This year we had 129 projects representing the elementary, middle and high schools. The projects covered a vast array of topics from preventing tooth decay to the impact of Wi-fi radiation. Wilkes will have 30 projects that are eligible to move on to the Regional level of competition at Appalachian State University on December 18. The 10 first place winners in the elementary division and the first and second place winners in each category in the middle and high school divisions will move to the Regional competition.
The winners of the 2018 Wilkes County Science Fair Elementary Division were:
Elementary Overall Winners
• 1st Eli B. – Traphill – “Hot Cold Bow – The Effect of Temperature on a Crossbow’s Accuracy”
• 2nd – Breagha K. – Ronda-Clingman  “That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles”
• 3rd – Maddison M. – Roaring River “The Kissing Booth”
Elementary First Place Winners
• Eli B. – Traphill – “Hot Cold Bow – The Effect of Temperature on a Crossbow’s Accuracy”
• Breagha K. – Ronda-Clingman “That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles”
• Maddison M. – Roaring River “The Kissing Booth”
• Matthew W. – Moravian Falls – “Magnetic Levitation”
• Alex V. – Moravian Falls – “The Wind-er Games”
• Sofie E. – Mt. Pleasant – “Catnip or Catnap?
• Caden C. – C.B. Eller – “Similar Fingerprints”
• Bryson S. – C.B. Eller – “More or Less”
• Caleb B., Rye D., and Reece D. – Ronda-Clingman – “Blasting Angles”
• Autumn R. – Ronda-Clingman – “Your Eyes and UV”
Elementary Second Place Winners
• Shalyn B. – Traphill – “Rooting for You – Growing Vegetable Plants in a Soda Bottle”
• Noah M. – Traphill – “Plants and How Liquids Affect Their Growth”
• Tyler R. – Ronda-Clingman – “Fast Feet or Speedy Shoes”
• Jake L. – Roaring River – “Hot and Cold – How High Will It Go?”
Elementary Third Place Winners
• Grant A. – Millers Creek – “The Tooth About Acid”
• Olivia E. – Boomer Ferguson – “The Power of a Dog’s Nose”
• Addison S. – Mt. Pleasant – “Dog Play”
• Laney M. – Mountain View – “Wat’er You Drinking?”
• Hayden G. – North Wilkesboro – “Which Model of Airplane Will Fly the Farthest?”
Elementary Honorable Mention
• Kirsten M. – Mountain View – “Don’t Lose Your Cool”
• Mason O. – C.B. Eller – “What Bait Catches the Most Fish?”
• Bella D. – C.B. Eller – “Up, Up, and Away!”
• Mike B. – C.B. Eller – “Catapult Science”
• Bailey W. – Roaring River – “Delete the Stink”
• Braxton G. – Wilkesboro – “No Pain, No Game”
The winners of the 2018 Wilkes County Science Fair Junior and Senior Division were:
Junior Division Overall Winners
• 1st – Chance M. – East Middle – “It’s Tee Time”
• 2nd – Seth L. and Jaxon O. – East Middle – “Radiation Germination”
• 3rd – Ralee B. – North Middle – “Slipping Away with Acid Rain: The Effect of Acid Rain on Aquatic Life”
Junior Biological A Category
• 1st – Seth L. and Jaxon O. – East Middle – “Radiation Germination
• 2nd – Annika B. and Emily S. – East Middle – “Can They Quacka-doodle Do It?”
• 3rd – Colin B. – Central Middle – “Jeepers Peeper”
• HM – Isabelle B. – West Middle – “Pawsome K-9s”
Junior Biological B Category
• 1st – Victoria W. – Central Middle – “Candy Confusion”
• 2nd – Alea M. – Central Middle – “How Much Sleep Do I Need a Night?”
• 3rd – Palmer T. – East Middle – “Does Eye Color Effect Eyesight?”
Junior Chemistry Category
• 1st – Salem S. and Haley W. – East Middle – “The Incredible Inedible Egg”
• 2nd – Savannah S. – East Middle – “Acid vs. Sugar”
• 3rd – Stormy E. and Faith E. – North Middle – “What’s in Your Water?”
• HM – Martha H. – West Middle – “How scary is Your Jack O’Lantern?”
Junior Physics Category
• 1st – Chance M. – East Middle – “It’s Tee Time”
• 2nd – Anthony W. – North Middle – “Which Color Attracts More Bugs?”
• 3rd – Alexander S. – Central Middle – “Knot Broken”
• HM – Holt H. – West Middle – “Good Vibrations”
• HM – Quinn P. and Gus K. – Central Middle – “Parachutes: Does Size Matter?”
Junior Earth/Environmental Category
• 1st – Ralee B. – North Middle – “Slipping Away with Acid Rain: The Effect of Acid Rain on Aquatic Life”
• 2nd – Johnny A. – Central Middle – “Clean My Water”
• 3rd – Tanner E. – West Middle – “Water Filtration for a 3rd World Nation”
• HM – Brittany W. – East Middle – “Erosion and Pollution Control”
Junior Engineering/Technology Category
• 1st – Aden E. – Central Middle – “Build Your Own Power Source”
• 2nd – Addie C. – West Middle – “Paper or Plastic”
• 3rd – Zane B. – North Middle – “Parachutes: Does Size Matter?”
• HM – Samuel P., Noah R., and Nolan S. – North Middle – “Best Bridge Design”
Senior Division Overall Winners
• 1st – James B. – East High – “Analyzing the Sweet Zone in BBCOR Bats”
• 2nd - Shelby R. and Matthew W. – North High -- “Fire and Spice”
• 3rd – William P. – West High – “pHenomenal Colors”
Senior Biological A Category
• 1st – Ivy C. and Makenzie S. – North High – “Flower Power”
Senior Biological B Category
• 1st – Rachel W. and Savannah R. – North High – “Does the Nose Know Taste?”
• 2nd – Morgan T. and Charity V. – West High – “Sugar vs. Teeth”
Senior Chemistry Category
• 1st – William P. – West High – “pHenomenal Colors”
• 2nd – Ashley J. and Kariann R. – North High – “Chromatography of Natural vs. Synthetic Dyes”
Senior Physics Category
• 1st – Shelby R. and Matthew W. – North High – “Fire and Spice”
• 2nd – Colby R., Logan S., and Chloe B. – North High – “Tape or Tape Not?”
Senior Engineering/Technology Category
• 1st – James B. – East High – “Analyzing the Sweet Zone of BBCOR Bats”


WWHS Model UN Participates at ASU

The weekend of November 9th, four West Wilkes High School students, Belle L. (11th grade), Natalie R. (9th grade), Leo R. (9th grade) and Dylan B.(9th grade), participated in the annual Appalachian State University Model United Nations (UN) Conference in Boone.
Model UN conferences are rigorous academic competitions where high school students represent a nation and debate from the standpoint of that nation a broad range of issues relevant in the world today.
Participation in Model UN is a valuable learning experience for students. It not only requires them to become more globally aware citizens but allows them to develop “soft skills”, such as public speaking, critical thinking, and team-building, that are vital to 21st-century careers.
Belle L. and Natalie R. represented Algeria in the Arab League Committee where they debated the situation in Yemen, the Rohingya Genocide in Myramar, and the future of alternative energy in the Middle East. Dylan B. and Leo R. represented Iceland on the UN Human Rights Committee where they debated water rights, prisoner rights, and human trafficking. Belle L. (11th grader) was the recipient of a coveted individual award (“Best Position Paper”) for her work as the UN representative for Kazakhstan.
The West Wilkes Model UN team is new this year. In addition to the ASU competition, they attended their first competition at the annual UNC-Charlotte Model UN Conference on October 19, 20 and 21. This was a hybrid
competition with college as well as high school students. 
Attending Model UN Conferences is an expensive undertaking. West Wilkes High School is looking for sponsors/donors who see the potential in giving students the opportunity to participate in this valuable academic and personal growth skill-building activity. Feel free to contact Gene Hayward at [email protected] for
more information.


Wilkes Early College Competes in Early College Cup Challenge

In late October, Wilkes Early College High School (WECHS) competed against area early colleges in the Early College Cup Challenge. The girls basketball team won the Cup Championship, defeating teams from Yadkin Early College, AgriScience Iredell-Statesville, and Challenger Early College. The boys basketball team finished 4th, after a first-round loss knocked them into the consolation bracket. Jackie Darnell and Kelly Pipes coached the basketball teams. The WECHS Math Counts team finished 2nd among all schools. The team was coached by Amber Roark. The Early College Cup Challenge allows students at early colleges to compete in athletic and academic events. Wilkes Early College began participating in 2016 against schools from the outlying areas of the region. This year, nearby schools fielded teams, so travel was shorter. The league is managed by Brandon Bell and Michelle Shepherd. The October events were hosted by Wilkes Early College. The next Early College Cup Challenge event is on Saturday, January 26 and includes girls and boys indoor soccer and Quiz Bowl. Admission is free.


WWMS Holds Successful Career Day

West Wilkes Middle Schools held a career day for 8th graders on November 2nd. They had many volunteers and community business members participate to support students and their school!


MFES Performs Thanksgiving Play

Mrs. Heather Johnson's first grade class at Moravian Falls Elementary performed a brief Thanksgiving play on Tuesday, November 20th. Students acted out the ABC's of the First Thanksgiving and portrayed the Native
Americans and Pilgrims. The first graders enjoyed learning more about the history of the first Thanksgiving and made a lifelong memory as well. The class also sang several seasonal songs for their parents and other guests in attendance. A special thanks to all of the parents that helped the children learn their parts and our classroom assistant, Mr. Doug Reeves for his help with sound and technology.


WES Holds Special Veteran's Day Program

Wilkesboro Elementary School held a Veteran's Day Program on Wednesday, November 7, 2018. Wilkesboro students, staff and families invited in over 45 Veteran's from our community to be recognized and honored during this program. The presentation of colors was performed by JROTC from Wilkes Central High School. Four fifth graders read essays regarding Veteran's Day. All students participating in the singing of several songs led by Wilkesboro's music teacher, Anita Wingler. After the program, Veterans, family and student hosts were served refreshments and the PTO gave each Veteran a gift bag.


WWHS Teacher Selected to be on National Board

Dr. Jim Brooks, English teacher at West Wilkes High School has been selected to be on the board of directors for the National Board For Professional Teaching Standards! The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards work with networks of teachers across the country to strengthen teaching and learning. Wilkes County Schools is very proud of Dr. Brooks!


Local Church Men's Group Donates Spirit Rock

The Wilkesboro United Methodist Church, Hand-in-Hand Men's group donated a "spirit rock" to Moravian Falls Elementary. Art Teacher, Kathryn Romanish, has painted the rock in school colors with the Yellow Jacket mascot.


What's Happening Next Month?

December 3rd - Wilkes County Schools Board of Education Meeting
December 7th, 8th, and 9th - Rudolph Performance
December 11th - Poetry Out Loud
December 24th - January 2nd - No School - Holiday Break