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6000 Series - Support Services » 6510 Organization of Equipment, Materials and Supplies Services

6510 Organization of Equipment, Materials and Supplies Services

The superintendent is responsible for providing centralized services for purchasing, receiving, storing and maintaining equipment, materials and supplies. Such services will be provided in a manner consistent with Wilkes County Board of Education goals.
The superintendent or designee will make reasonable efforts to be informed and implement progressive practices in managing equipment, materials and supplies services. Conscientious efforts will be made in the management of these resources to achieve efficiency and economy through centralized and bulk purchasing when this is consistent with available storage and distribution facilities. Good management also requires that needed supplies, materials, equipment, and spare parts be readily available when and where needed, but that space not be used for housing unnecessary inventory. The superintendent will develop administrative procedures for providing and using centralized services and will monitor compliance with these procedures.
The superintendent or his designee is responsible for maintaining proper records in accordance with accepted business standards and any legal requirements. The principal or his or her designee is responsible for maintaining appropriate inventory records for equipment, hardware, and software at the school level. These records include inventory records of hardware and software, receiving and distribution records, and equipment maintenance records at the district and school levels.
Any person, including principals, teachers and other personnel or students, who has been issued equipment, materials or supplies owned by the local Board of Education is responsible for such items. Responsibilities include being able to account for the item, maintaining and using the item in a prudent manner, and storing the item in a reasonably safe and secure place.
Legal References: G.S. 115C-36
Cross References: Goals of Equipment, Materials and Supplies Services (policy 6500), Use of Equipment, Materials and Supplies (policy 6520)
Adopted: January 9, 2006
Revised: April 6, 2009