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6000 Series - Support Services » 6306 School Bus Idling

6306 School Bus Idling

The Board recognizes that emissions that accumulate from school buses can be harmful to students and bus drivers. The Board further recognizes that unnecessary bus idling wastes fuel and financial resources. The Board is committed to transporting students on school buses in a manner that is safe and consistent with the Board’s goal of resource conservation. To this end, the Board prohibits all unnecessary school bus idling on school grounds. In addition, the Board prohibits the warming up of buses for longer than 5 minutes, except in extraordinary circumstances or circumstances beyond the bus driver’s control.
This policy applies to school buses and activity buses when used to transport students to/from school, extracurricular activities, field trips and other school-related activities. The superintendent shall develop procedures consist with this policy.
The superintendent shall ensure that school bus drivers and appropriate school personnel receive training to implement this policy.
Legal References: G. S. 115C-36; State Board of Education Policy Number EEO-M-003; N. C. Public School Allotment Policy Manual, State Allotment Formulas – Transportation of Student, Program Report Code 056 (as modified October 6, 2005)
Cross References: Resource Conservation (policy 6530)
Adopted: January 9, 2006