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Helping Students Make Career Decisions and Enhance Soft Skills

Joseph interning in physical therapy
Joseph, WWHS, Intern
Physical Therapy Associates of Wilkes
The CTE internship program allows selected students to obtain real-world work experience in a field related to their career interests.  Students are exposed to diverse situations and hands-on tasks which help with career and post-secondary planning, not to mention the addition of valuable work experience to their resume.  Because of our strong relationships with local businesses we have been able to successfully place hundreds of students in a wide variety of internships throughout the county. 
Our CTE internship Program is application-based and all students are thoroughly screened to ensure the “right fit” and the highest level of success.  Many students even interview with our business partners before securing a placement.
Students complete 135 hours over the course of the semester and earn one academic credit. Students are monitored throughout their internship experience by the Career Development Coordinator and are required to complete meaningful activities such as a Learning Plan and the Resume Writing Workshop.
Eligibility Requirements
  • Junior or Senior Status
  • Two CTE courses related to their career interest/career cluster
  • Consistent attendance
  • Transportation
  • Be able to work independently and meet deadlines
Selection Process
Approximately 12 students a semester are selected from each high school to participate in an internship.  Honors level internships are available for eligible students.  Interested students must complete an application which can be obtained by their school counselor or Amber Falise, Career Development Coordinator, falisea@wilkes.k12.nc.us or (336) 651-7009. 
Visit our Virtual Career Center to search internship opportunities!
Student Testimonials:

"During my internship with Surry Telephone I have gained a lot of valuable experience within the engineering field. I got to spend a lot of time in the field staking and I also was in the office helping draw up plans. Not only did I gain experience about engineering, it also taught me some very important soft skills too. These soft skills will not only help with the internship but anywhere I go in life. I was also thankful to get paid during my internship. This internship has let me experience what it is really like to be an engineer and has strengthened my desire to become an engineer too.

There is a big difference between doing an engineering internship and just taking a regular engineering class. In an internship you can actually be there with engineers and actually do engineering work and see what it's really like for yourself. Also when you're doing an internship you gain class credit!

If you are considering doing an internship please do it, you won't regret it. You'll get to meet a lot of people within the field and learn what they do. It will also help you out in the long run; you can put it on your resume and it gives you a little extra knowledge when you go back to class."

Bobby W., EWHS

Bobby interning with Surry Telephone

"My internship experience at the Wilkes County Health Department was extremely valuable. I was able to explore many aspects of public health and gain some hands-on experience. Interacting with patients and staff was always enjoyable. Through my internship, my career decisions were undeniably confirmed. Not only that, I had the opportunity to work with children and that was such an inspiration to me. Now, I believe I want to specialize in pediatrics. My internship did not seem to be like a class at all. It seemed like a job, yet I never once dreaded waking up and going to work. I did not interact with any other teens, instead I interacted with adults. It was much more interesting than sitting in a boring classroom. For those who are considering pursuing an internship, I would strongly encourage you to make the most of every minute of it. Always be willing to learn and ask lots of questions! Create a lasting impression and express your gratitude for your internship sponsor. Be respectful, responsible, and reliable! This could possibly be one of the greatest experiences of your life."Rachel interning with Wilkes Health Department
Rachel S., WWHS
CTE interns are going the extra mile...
Students participating in our honors internship program are going above and beyond to give back to their internship sites! Students are required to complete a research paper, a project that addresses a need at their internship site (as a way to GIVE BACK to their site), a presentation, and a portfolio.  The work that our students are doing is incredibly impressive and unique to Wilkes County Schools.
West Wilkes High Interns
West Wilkes High School Honors Interns, Spring 2017
Business Host Sites:  Mt Pleasant Elementary, Physical Therapy Associates of Wilkes and Carolina Realty
North Wilkes High Interns
North Wilkes High School Honors Interns, Spring 2017
Business Host Site:  Mtn. View Elementary School
North Wilkes High Interns
North Wilkes High School Honors Interns, Spring 2017
Business Host Sites:  Mtn. View Elementary School and Kinetic Fitness
East Wilkes High Interns
East Wilkes High School Honors Interns, Spring 2017
Business Host Sites:  Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, CB Eller, and Tri County Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Wilkes Central High Interns
Wilkes Central High School Honors Intern, Spring 2017
Business Host Site:  InfusionPoints
Preparing the next generation of workers...
Providing work-based learning opportunities like internships is a core pillar of the CTE Vision and high-quality CTE programs.
Secretary's Commission on Achieving the Necessary Skills (SCANS)
Click here to see the skills our youth need to be successful in the workplace.  The Commission's goal is to encourage a high-performance economy characterized by high-skill, high-wage employment.