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Technology and Media » Hardware/Software Request Form

Hardware/Software Request Form

Technology in the Educational Program policy code 3220 states:  "All purchases, donations, or grant requests of technological resources, including hardware and software, must receive prior approval by the technology director or designee to ensure compatibility with existing systems and network security. Any hardware or software received or purchased without the prior approval will not be installed or supported."
Please download and complete the request form embedded and linked below before:
  • purchasing new hardware or software;
  • accepting donations of hardware or software; and/or
  • applying for grants related to hardware or software.
All request forms should be scanned and emailed to Julie Triplett, Chief Technology Officer. Please allow adequate time for the processing of requests by submitting forms at least two weeks before fund dispersal or grant application deadlines. Since each request requires research into product specifications and compatibility with our current systems, you should not proceed with purchases, donations, or grant applications until hearing back from your request.
Please understand that hardware is a broad category that includes computers, data projectors, document cameras, interactive whiteboards, copiers, printers, scanners, televisions, phones, intercoms, sound systems, two-way radios, laminators, and other audio/visual equipment. If you are unsure whether prior approval is required, please contact Julie Triplett before proceeding.
The Hardware/Software Consideration Request Form may also be accessed by clicking the PDF file linked below.