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2018-19 Board Meeting Minutes » October 1, 2018

October 1, 2018

Summary of Board Minutes

October 1, 2018

The Board of Education of the Wilkes County Administrative Unit met in a regular meeting at 5:30 p.m. Monday, October 1, 2018 in the Arnold and Becky Lakey Boardroom at 613 Cherry Street, North Wilkesboro, North Carolina 28659.
Present for the meeting were Chairman Mr. Randall “Rudy” Holbrook, Vice-Chairman Mrs. Sharron Huffman.  Board Members Mr. Darren Shumate, Mr. Kirk Walker, and Mrs. Leslie Barnes.  Also present were Superintendent Mr. D. Mark Byrd, Associate Superintendent Ms. Anna Lankford, Executive Director of Personnel Dr. Westley Wood, Chief Technology Officer Ms. Julie Triplett, Chief Finance Officer Mr. Seth Prevette, Director of Development Mr. Dennis Huggins, Director of Athletics and Healthful Living Mr. Chris Skabo, Director of CTE Mr. Wayne Shepherd, Director of Child Nutrition Mr. Marty Johnson, Director of Maintenance Mr. Bergie Speaks, Director of Transportation Mr. Eric Barker, Director of Director of Foreign Language and Title I Dr. Joe Bullis, Public Relations Officer Ms. Morgan Mathis, and Executive Administrative Assistant Ms. Carolyn Triplett.
Prior to calling the meeting to order, Chairman Mr. Rudy Holbrook recognized Board Member Mr. Kirk Walker to lead the Invocation.
Superintendent Mr. Mark Byrd announced that the agenda needed to be amended to add to Roman Numeral X, Item H. Nomination for School Board Association. On a motion by Mr. Shumate, seconded by Mrs. Huffman and duly carried, the item for the school board association nomination was added.
On a motion by Ms. Huffman, seconded by Mr. Shumate and duly carried the agenda was approved as presented.
Chairman Mr. Randall “Rudy” Holbrook recognized Superintendent Mr. Mark Byrd for the Devotion and Pledge of allegiance. Mr. Byrd asked that we continue to pray for the families, students, and all involved with the devastation of Hurricane Florence. There are still nine school systems that are unable to open.  Efforts are in place for our school system to send much needed items to those in need. Also a special recognition was given to the Administrators present at tonight’s meeting. October is Principal Appreciation Month. Mr. Byrd asked that we honor and thank them for their service to their school and communities.

Superintendent Mr. Mark Byrd along with Dr. Westley Wood, Executive Director of Personnel recognized the Wilkes Education Foundation members present to issue the Mini-Grant Awards.  Members of the Wilkes Education presenting to our teachers were President, Mr. Arnold Lakey, Treasurer, Mr. Jody Hamby, Board Member and Chairman of the Mini-Grant Committee Mr. Danny Holman, Board Member and Assistant Treasurer, Mr. Bill Myers. The Wilkes Education Foundation is awarding forty mini-grant projects for the 2018-2019 school year. The total funds awarded are $31,599.05. Since the 1985-1986 school year, the Wilkes Education Foundation has funded 789 mini-grants projects for a total of $448,936.13. The winners are as follows:

Grant Name Teacher School Cost
“STEM”ing into First Grade Natasha Parlier
Boomer-Ferguson Elementary
Busy Hands, Busy Brains! Jamie K. Williams
C.B. Eller Elementary
Kindergarten, Here We Come Kathryn Willis C.B. Eller Elementary $999.23
Readers are Leaders Maria Poplin C.B. Eller Elementary $986.81
Reading about Everything Science Heather Melton and Katie Wright C.C. Wright Elementary $401.80
Hooked on Books Sarah Harrison Central Wilkes Middle $752.29
Words Have Worlds of Power Hailey Trivette, Erica Marion, and Jennifer Bauguss Central Wilkes Middle $996.00
Decreasing Distraction & Increasing Interaction Grant Tharpe East Wilkes Middle $820.00
History Comes to Life: Using “Who Was” Nonfiction in the Social Studies Classroom Alicia McCormick/Ron Foster East Wilkes Middle $658.20
Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors: Building a Collection of Diverse Books Rita Ray East Wilkes Middle $964.16
Together We Grow Sandra Burchette East Wilkes Middle $584.00
Developing Innovative Minds with STEM Stations Kristie Brown Millers Creek Elementary $1000.00
Instant and Engaging STEM Bins Gina Ortiz/Debby Nunn Millers Creek Elementary $537.07
Math Fun at Home and School Jennifer Cockrell Millers Creek Elementary $992.70
You Can Uke Carol Huffman Millers Creek Elementary $946.83
Diverse Tools for Diverse Learners Monica Smith/Anna Laughlin Moravian Falls Elementary $461.90
The Power of Literacy Amy Janes Moravian Falls Elementary $399.92
Totally Terrific Titles for Exploring our World Paula Farmer Moravian Falls Elementary $825.00
Have a Ball Learning with Spheros Beth Cook Mountain View Elementary $758.44
Ready to Read the Right Way Ashley Walker Mountain View Elementary $966.30
Teaching with Picture Books Donna Wood Mountain View Elementary $915.46
Weather the Weather Angie Ward Mountain View Elementary $585.95
Brick by Brick Katie Blankenship Mulberry Elementary $978.25
Coding with Robots Ashley Kelley Mulberry Elementary $920.20
Inquiring Minds Want to Know Science Kimberly Lang Mulberry Elementary $655.00
Read, Write, and Play Jamie Miles Mulberry Elementary $378.58
“The Sounds All Around Me” Sherri Tribble Mulberry Elementary $926.25
Drawing in Space: Intro to 3D Printing & Design Misty Hartzog North Wilkes Middle $1000.00
Help Replace our Greenhouse Alicia Murzin North Wilkes Middle $1000.00
Writing Codes for our Future Justin Byers North Wilkes Middle $856.13
Reading Can Be Tasty Renee Gentry Roaring River Elementary $1000.00
Don’t Know Much About Science Christina Hurst Traphill Elementary $857.14
Learning Through Real World Reading Deanna Berrier Traphill Elementary $545.00
Break Out of the Classroom Rebecca Cooper West Wilkes High $900.00
Solving Problems with Sustainable Construction Chris Roten West Wilkes High $855.00
Building a Human With Clay Heather Colvard Wilkes Central High $1000.00
Storytelling Through Drama Joanne Schwab West Wilkes Middle $435.95
Stemming for Knowledge Rosa Johnson Wilkesboro Elementary $849.71
Engaging Books for Independent Reading to Build Reading Skills & Stamina Olivia Van Buskirk Wilkes Early College $998.58
Understanding & Commanding the ACT: English, Reading, & Writing Preparation Kaylene Burcham Wilkes Early College $313.20
40 Grants     $31,599.05

Focus on the Curriculum was presented by Associate Superintendent Ms. Anna Lankford. Ms. Lankford presented the Board data information regarding Federal Programs. Wilkes County Schools receives federal funding that supports many program areas in our schools. Title I, Part A provides financial assistance to public schools with high numbers of percentages of poor children to help ensure all children meet the challenging State academic content standards. Currently Wilkes County Schools serves all thirteen schools in the school wide model under Title I. Title II is designed to provide students from low-income families and minority students with greater access to effective educators. Funding can be used for activities to attract, select, support and retain high quality teachers in every classroom. Title III is designed to ensure that the English Learner students attain English language proficiency and meet the same challenging academic standards that other students are expected to meet. Title IV, Part A is for Student Support and the Academic Enrichment Grant (SSAE).

Chairman Mr. Holbrook asked if anyone had signed up for public comments. No one had signed up.
On a motion by Mr. Walker, seconded by Mrs. Huffman and duly carried, the minutes for September 10, 2018 were approved as presented.
On a motion by Mrs. Huffman, seconded by Mr. Shumate and duly carried, the Personnel Report and Blue Sheet were approved as presented.

Resignation(s) and/or Retirement(s)

Katherine Jennings – Bus Driver – Millers Creek Elementary School

Retirement effective – December 1, 2018 with twenty-six years and one month of service

Blue Sheet

Resignation(s) and/or Retirement(s)

Dennis Scheuermann – Teacher Assistant – Roaring River Elementary School

Retirement effective – January 1, 2019 with eighteen years and three months of service

Renee Wiles – Teacher – East Wilkes Middle School

Retirement effective – January 1, 2019 with twenty-nine years and six months of service

On a motion by Ms. Barnes, seconded by Mr. Walker and duly carried, the Out-of-County/Overnight field trips were approved as presented.
School Group Destination Dates
East Wilkes High School Beta Club Concord, NC


East Wilkes High School Band Gaffney, SC


East Wilkes High School FFA Indianapolis, IN


West Wilkes High School Honors Chorus Winston-Salem, NC


Wilkes Central High School Chorus Orlando, FL


West Wilkes High School Chorus Wingate, NC


West Wilkes High School Chorus Mars Hill, NC 


On a motion by Mrs. Huffman, seconded by Mr. Shumate and duly carried, the Wilkes County Schools and Wilkes Community College Local Articulation Agreement for 2018-2019 was approved as presented. Wilkes County Schools and Wilkes Community College has a strong partnership in providing high school students many opportunities to gain college credits while completing high school requirements. The local articulation agreement adds additional articulated courses at the local level that are not included in the statewide North Carolina High School to Community College Articulation Agreement, further streamlining students’ educational pathways by eliminating the need to take multiple courses with the same learning outcomes.

On a motion by Mr. Walker, seconded by Mrs. Huffman and duly carried, the Beginning Teacher Support Program was approved as presented. Each district in North Carolina must submit a plan for the Beginning Teacher Support Program (BTSP) which is aligned with the State Board Policy TCED-016.

On a motion by Mrs. Huffman, seconded by Mr. Shumate and duly carried, the School Improvement Plans for 2018-2019 were approved as presented. School Improvement Plans are written each year following a very thorough school wide reflection process that involves the principal, school improvement team and parents. Principals and leadership teams work diligently to make the school improvement plan a living document that directs their efforts to help students achieve at higher levels and demonstrate growth.

On a motion by Mrs. Huffman, seconded by Ms. Barnes and duly carried, the Exceptional Children’s Department Contract with Wilkes Day Care Association, Inc. was approved as presented.

On a motion by Mr. Shumate, seconded by Mrs. Huffman and duly carried, the Exceptional Children’s Department Memorandum of Understanding for Watauga Opportunities, Inc. was approved as presented.

On a motion by Mrs. Huffman, seconded by Mr. Shumate and duly carried, the recommendation to purchase four new activity buses was approved as presented. With a low bid of $351,356 plus tax from Gregory Pool Dearer-Bluebird (66 passenger) four activity buses will be purchased for WCS.

On a motion by Mr. Randall “Rudy” Holbrook, seconded by Mr. Shumate and duly carried, the board agreed to Nominate Mrs. Sharron Huffman for the North Carolina School Board Association Member Leadership Award.

Associate Superintendent Ms. Anna Lankford, submitted for discussion the Memorandum of Understanding with Department of Social Services (DSS). This memorandum is reviewed each year with principals and the DSS administrative staff. This MOU is submitted for information only.

Associate Superintendent Ms. Anna Lankford and Director of Federal Programs presented the 2018-2019 Consolidated Continuous Improvement Plan Application, Title 1A, Title II-A, Title III (Language Acquisition), Title III (Significant Increase), and Title IV (Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE).

Chairman Mr. Holbrook had the following announcement:

  • October 17, 2018 – First Grading Period Ends
  • October 18, 2018 – Required Workday
  • October 19, 2018 – Optional Workday
  • October 22, 2018 – Second Grading Period Begins
Chairman Mr. Holbrook announced the next meeting to be November 5, 2018.  This meeting will be held in the Arnold and Becky Lakey Boardroom located at 613 Cherry Street, North Wilkesboro, North Carolina.
On a motion by Mr. Walker, seconded by Mrs. Huffman and duly carried, there being no further business, the board adjourned at 6:27 p.m.