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High School Curriculum and Instruction » Graduation Projects for Seniors

Graduation Projects for Seniors

Hello Students,
Welcome to the Graduation Project Handbook. The following pages will assist you, your parents, teachers, and others during your experience with the Graduation Project. Everyone involved will play a major role in making this project a memorable experience for you. While you will demonstrate many of the high-level skills needed to be successful in today’s global community, I am also excited about the many ways that you will give back to our community while completing the project. Throughout the history of this project, numerous individuals, groups, and community organizations have benefitted from the products developed by our seniors. I challenge you to find a project that can have a lasting impact on the community around you.
I look forward to hearing of the completion of your project. I believe you will continue to "raise the bar" for the impact that this project can have on both you personally and your community. Your culminating project will demonstrate many of the skills needed to be successful in our current society. Your ability to conduct research, blend creativity with scientific reasoning and lead a collaborative effort to accomplish your goals are skills that you will need to be successful well beyond high school. You will also demonstrate your excellence in Literacy through your reading, research, reasoning, and writing. Your ability to collaborate, listen, reflect, and present will help you to grow as a presenter and will lead to continued success down the road.
I wish you nothing but the best as you move forward with your project. I encourage you to do your very best and commit the time and thought needed to make this project successful. Be proactive and don’t get behind, as numerous graduates will tell you this was their greatest cause of stress and one that could have been avoided. Use this project as a way to not only learn about the resources in the area but to learn more about your community while doing so. You may come up with an idea or process which could benefit your community or all of Wilkes County for years to come.
In conclusion, I look forward to what you will share with us as you complete your Graduation Project. Seniors in Wilkes County have been very successful in completing the Graduation Project and I expect that you will continue that long line of success! 
Your success with this project will make all of Wilkes County Schools very proud!
Thank you,
Mark Byrd, Ed.S.
Superintendent, Wilkes County Schools