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Student Policy Handbooks » Student Policy Handbook for Grades K-5 - English

Student Policy Handbook for Grades K-5 - English

An evaluation system of students’ academic performance is necessary to help ensure that all students are succeeding within the framework of the educational goals and objectives of the Board of Education.

It shall be the policy of this Board of Education that no student shall receive an average lower than 50 for reporting purposes.  Students shall receive grades according to the following system:


Grades K-3                              4-Exceeds grade level expectations

                                                3-Meets grade level expectations

                                                2-Approaches grade level expectations

                                                1-Does not meet expectations



Grades 4-5                              (Numerical Grade Issued)

                                                S- Satisfactory

                                                N-Needs Improvement


                                                A (superior)                90-100

                                                B (above average)       80-89

                                                C (average)                 70-79

                                                D (below average)      60-69

                                                F (unsatisfactory)        59-50




K-5 Contract


I have received and reviewed Wilkes County Schools’ Policies for Students in Grades K – 5.


_______________________________________                                 _______________

Parent’s Signature                                                                                Date




Student’s Name



The Student Policy Handbook for Grades K-5 may also be accessed by clicking the PDF file linked at the bottom of this page.