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2014-15 Board Meeting Agendas » October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014
5:30 p.m.
Business Meeting
I. Call Meeting to Order  -  Mr. Rudy Holbrook
II. Amend Agenda (If Needed)
III. Approval of Agenda
IV. Devotion and Pledge of Allegiance
V. Recognition of Guest and Good News
A. Flint Hill Beanstalk Adventure Playground (See Item # V-A)
B. T3LC Youth Philanthropy Group (See Item # V-B)
VI. Focus on Curriculum
A. Wilkes County Schools Data Overview (See Item # VI-A)
VII. Public Comments
VIII. Approval of Minutes
September 8, 2014 Minutes
IX. Action Items
A. Personnel Report (See Item # IX-A)
B. Overnight Field Trips (See Item # IX-B)
C. Schedule of Fees (See Item # IX-C)
D. Disposition of Surplus Items (See Item # IX-D)
E. 2014-2015 Budget Resolution (See Item # IX-E)
X. Discussion/Report Items
A. School Improvement Plans 2014-2015 (See Item # X-A)
B. Title I Part A Plan (See Item # X-B)
C. Title II Part A Improving Teacher Quality Plan (See Item # X-C)
D. Rural Low Income Schools Plan (See Item # X-D)
XI. Announcements
October 22, 2014 – First Grading Period Ends
October 23, 2014 – Required Workday
October 24, 2014 – Optional Workday
October 27, 2014 – Second Grading Period Begins
XII. Next Board Meeting
November 3, 2014 5:30 p. m. in the Arnold and Becky Lakey Boardroom
613 Cherry Street, North Wilkesboro, North Carolina
XIII. Comments from Board Members
XIV. Closed Session (If Needed)
XV. Adjourn Meeting  -  Mr. Rudy Holbrook