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Request for School of Choice

Request for School of Choice
There are some situations that allow parents/guardians to request a school assignment different from the one that serves the student's home address (domiciled school district). This request is considered a school of choice request. Before making a school of choice request, please review the detailed information below to learn more about this process.
1)  A school of choice request form must be on file with the principal. This request can be completed by clicking the link below.

2)  Request forms are considered by the principal in the order in which they are received for the school year selected.

3)  School of choice request for grades K through 5 will be considered on or before July 15th or after the 10th day of each school year. Middle and high school request can be considered at any time during the school year.

4)  Request will be granted based on current and/or projected school enrollments. Principals will also consider state class size regulations. 

5)  Students must be in "good standing" for a request to be considered. This consists of:
  a. passing 70% of his/her classes;
  b. being on track to graduate on time with his/her peers; and
  c. not being suspended, expelled, or otherwise excluded from attendance.
6)  A student who is reassigned to a school of choice shall remain at the granted school until the conclusion of the school year. A student can complete future grades in that school and shall be allowed to continue educational progress at the higher levels to which students residing in the attendance area of the school of choice ordinarily are assigned as long as the student remains in "good standing".

7)  The granting of school of choice request applies only to the student for whom the request is submitted and does not apply to the student's siblings. A separate request must be submitted for each sibling. Student siblings are not automatically granted school of choice request.

8)  Wilkes County Schools does not provide transportation to any student whose school of choice request is granted.

9)  There are specific rules regarding athletic eligibility for students that are granted school of choice request.

10)  Request will be considered based upon the best interest of the student, the orderly and efficient administration of the public schools, the proper administration of the school to which reassignment is requested and the instruction, health, and safety of students there enrolled. This decision is made by the school principal.

11)  If a school of choice request is granted, it is not necessary to complete a request form each year for the student in which the request was granted.
Once a school of choice request form has been completed, the form will be reviewed by the principal of the school for consideration. If granted, you will be contacted by the school for further enrollment information.
In the event you have any questions, please contact Dr. Westley Wood, Executive Director of Personnel at 336-667-1121.