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Special Olympics 2024 County Games

Following a very successful meeting including representatives from Wilkes County Schools, members of the Special Olympics Committee of Wilkes County and Lindsay Waldron, Vice-President of Community Resources for Special Olympics of North Carolina, we are proud to announce that the Wilkes County Special Olympics Spring Games 2024 will be held at Elkin High School on May 10, 2024.
"I can't thank Dr. Steve Hall and all of Elkin City Schools enough for their efforts in making sure that our student-athletes have this opportunity despite the safety challenges that construction projects would have presented at our schools. When I contacted Dr. Hall with this request, he was immediately on board and was very helpful in making this happen. This just shows the strength of the partnership between our school systems," stated Mark Byrd, Superintendent of Wilkes County Schools.
Byrd shared that multiple options were explored in this meeting, ranging from joining the games of other counties to providing an alternative activity for the student-athletes in Wilkes. "In the end, we felt it was best to continue with the success of what has previously been offered and to do so at the closest neighboring school to those in Wilkes County. While traveling outside the county may be an inconvenience for some, we felt that this option was best as it is only 4½ miles from where the games were held last year."
Byrd did express concern with the lack of paperwork required for participation in the games that has been submitted to this point. "It is imperative that parents submit the required paperwork for their child if they want them to participate in the Spring games. We want to continue to provide this opportunity for our students, but need help in ensuring that requirements to participate are met as well."
Byrd also shared that he hopes the outpouring of support for Wilkes County Special Olympics shown over the past few weeks will only continue. "Many people throughout our community expressed support for our students who participate in Special Olympics when they thought these games would not take place this year. Now that we have clarified that they will take place, I would hope this support will continue." Those who have questions about how they can provide support should send those to [email protected].
"Mrs. Amanda Pruitt, Principal of West Wilkes High School, and her students and staff started looking forward to hosting the 2024 Spring games prior to the completion of the 2023 games at East Wilkes High School," Byrd shared. "I know they will do their best to make this year's games extra special despite a bit of travel being involved."
In closing, Byrd thanked everyone involved in making sure that this opportunity will continue for our students. Byrd again thanked Dr. Steve Hall and also shared that he is not only excited about the 2024 Spring games, but already looking forward to the 2025 Spring games being held on a renovated track and turf field at West Wilkes High School.