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2023-2024 Beginning Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Mrs. Elizabeth Dancy, kindergarten teacher at Wilkesboro Elementary School, for being named Wilkes County Schools' 2023-2024 Beginning Teacher of the Year. We are so proud of you!
Wilkes County Schools would like to recognize and honor Ms. Elizabeth Dancy of Wilkesboro Elementary School. Ms. Dancy was selected as the 2023-24 Wilkes County Schools, Beginning Teacher of the Year! Ms. Dancy creates a classroom that inspires students to achieve. She works hard to build relationships with her students, parents, and colleagues. In addition, Ms. Dancy is a reflective practitioner as a beginning teacher. Congratulations Ms. Dancy!
Her principal states, "Mrs. Dancy always brings sunshine to the classroom and makes that important first year of school a positive experience. It is clear that she wants what is best for each child, and she engages parents as partners in creating the best environment for learning. She loves every child and family and believes in their capacity to find success."
We would also like to recognize all of the nominees for the 2023-2024 Beginning Teacher of the Year.
  • Katie Duran-Rivera of Central Wilkes Middle School
  • Alex Roten of Mountain View Elementary School
  • Tiffany Church of Roaring River Elementary School
  • Jacob Wood of West Wilkes Middle School
  • Angie Watkins of Wilkesboro Elementary School
  • Kinsey Crabb of North Wilkes Middle School
Congratulations to all of these exceptional educators!