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Credentials and Articulation Agreement

Student using laptop in front of math equation backdrop with the quote "Long gone are the days of traditional vocational education. Modern CTE is adaptable, cross-cutting, and a partner - not an alternative - to college preparatory education!"

Leading the Way:  Wilkes County Schools Makes the Top 10!
2015-2016 Credentialing Data
Based on the number of credentials earned as a percentage of CTE course enrollment, the top Local Education Agencies and charters are shown in the chart below. Note that some students earn multiple credentials, and credentials are not available in all courses.
Local Education Agency/Charter % Earned
90 Bladen County Schools
995 Yancey County Schools 42.4%
200 Cherokee County Schools 41.4%
36C Mountain Charter 40.7%
700 Elizabeth City - Pasquotank Public Schools 40.5%
610 Mitchell County Schools 38.5%
720 Perquimans County Schools
861 Elkin City Schools 33.0%
970 Wilkes County Schools 32.0%
230 Cleveland County Schools 32.0%
East Wilkes High Students receiving OSHA Safety Certifications
Students pictured are from EWHS. They recently received their OSHA Safety Certification.

The attainment of an industry-recognized credential ensures that students graduate from high school globally competitive for work and postsecondary education.


An industry-recognized certification or credential helps businesses: 

  • Save many hours of training time because their new hire is already trained.
  • Be confident that the credential holder has already learned a specific set of skills.

An industry-recognized certification or credential helps students:

  • Validate their knowledge and skill attainment with an industry-recognized certification.
  • Stand out in a field of job applicants.
  • Start at a higher salary level.
Wilkes Community College / Wilkes County Schools Articulation Agreement
 An Articulation Agreement is a systematic, seamless student transition process from high school to college that maximizes the use of resources and minimizes content duplication.  
It's important to know that if you take specific coursework in high school that aligns with a Wilkes Community College program, it could be transferred as credit, saving you valuable time and money! Check out the chart below. If you take one of the high school courses listed and successfully meet the criteria for that course, you can also receive credit through Wilkes Community College.
WCC/WCS Articulation Agreement
This form is available using the links below. Links in PDF format are web accessible and will open in a new window. Links in Word format will download automatically.
English PDF, English Word
WCC/WCS Articulation Agreement
Embedded web accessible PDF