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Providing students with the technical, academic, and employability knowledge and skills they need to achieve their post secondary goals!
SEPTEMBER 2017: Mrs. Combs Health Science II class at WCHS studied "team work" and "effective team building".  These photos are of students performing a "trust walk", blindfolded, being guided by their peers. 
SEPTEMBER 2017:  Mrs. Watkin's Foods class @ NWHS participated in a Chicken Prep Lab that allowed students to discuss and have hands on experience with so many things: anatomy, cost savings, cross contamination prevention, cooking temperature, proper storage and freezing methods, reheating, holding times, not to mention the semi-homemade chicken pie we made the day after!!!!  A special thanks to Tyson for donating the chicken!!
SEPTEMBER 2017: Ms. Anderson's Health Science 1 students @ EWHS made a cross section of muscle out of fruit roll-ups and twizzlers.
Health Science Students at East Wilkes High
SEPTEMBER 2017: Students in Mrs. Woodie's Computer Programming I class @ WWHS createD a flowchart using symbols and text to give a visual representation of a solution to a problem. 
Computer Programming Students at West Wilkes High
MAY 2017: Teachers are students too!  Our CTE teachers recently participated in a makerspaces training with other fellow educators & media specialists.  What is a makerspace?  A makerspace is a collaborative space where students gather to get creative with DIY projects, invent new ones, and share ideas.
APRIL 2017: Mr. Tolbert, technology teacher at West Wilkes High School, along with his Electric Vehicle Team, and team-mentor Barry Pybas participated in the Google Gravity Games.  In the photo, the Mayor of Lenoir presented the team with 1st place in the Engineering Challenge class.  Contestants coasted down the track using their electric motors to charge a set of depleted batteries.  Once they got to the finish line they used the charge accumulated on the way down the hill to drive backwards up the hill as far as possible.  The team was 1st down and 1st up, traveling a distance of 373 feet.  The nearest competitor was at 126 feet.
West High Students Receiving First Place in Engineering Challenge Class
APRIL 2017: Ms. Hall's health science students at EWMS are learning about speech therapy. In the photo is a speech therapist discussing therapy on vocal cords.
.Speech Therapist discusses therapy on vocal cords
APRIL 2017:  Wheels up everyone!  Ms. Hall's Health Science students at East Wilkes High School spend the day learning about air medical services.  A special thanks to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center!
APRIL 2017:  Mr. Wagoner, CTE teacher at East Wilkes High School collaborated with the Career Development Coordinator to bring his Advanced Manufacturing classes to GardnerGlass for a business tour.
MARCH 2017:  Mrs. Gambill, Health Science teacher at West Wilkes High School worked with the Career Development Coordinator to bring life to her lessons on employability skills. Numerous local business partners came to West Wilkes High School to give each student in the Health Science II classes a mock interview. All students dressed to impress with their resume in hand.  Business partners included: Lowes Companies, Foothills Restoration Werks, CS Forester Benefits Group, NC Works, Wilkes County Board of Commissioners, NC State Employees Credit Union, Wilkes Community College, and the town of Wilkesboro.  Wilkes County Schools staff & Gear Up Coordinators also assisted with the mock interns.  Many thanks to each of them for supporting learning experiences such as these!
FEBRUARY 2017: Taylor H. a student at NWHS demonstrates the correct procedure for measuring flour during a Foods lesson in Ms. Deal's class.
Taylor demonstrates how to measure flour
FEBRUARY 2017:  Mrs. Walker's students at North Wilkes High are using Touch Develop to code a turtle maze in Microsoft Introduction to Computer Science.
North Wilkes High Students practice coding
Mrs. Walker, Business, Finance, and Information Technology Teacher at North Wilkes High hosted a coding event during Smart Lunch. Students were introduced to computer science and learned the basic skills of coding.  We celebrate computer science education week to educate our students and to broaden participation in the field of computer science.
Did you know that coding skills are needed in the following occupations?
1.  CNC Machine Tool Programmers ($49,000/yr)
2.  Computer Programmers ($79,000/yr)
3.  Software Developers ($98,000/yr)
*salaries are based on national average, information was obtained from www.onetonline.org
DECEMBER 2016: Mrs. Bare, Foods Teacher at East Wilkes High showcases how hard her students have worked this semester participating in labs, learning new skills, and earning credentials!
DECEMBER 2016: Students in Mr. Greene's Ag Mechanics 1 class at East Wilkes High are learning how to weld! Students can be seen watching Mr. Greene demonstrate welding skills and then practicing what they learned in their welding booths.
NOVEMBER 2016: Students in Mrs. Cooper's  Nursing Fundamental's class (EWHS) practiced their patient care skills: making a bed with a patient in it, shaving a patient and brushing a patient's teeth.
NOVEMBER 2016: Students in Mr. Miles' Health Science 1 class at North Wilkes High School dissected sheep hearts recently. 
OCTOBER 2016:  Students in Ms. Hall's (East Wilkes High) Biomedical Technology course are studying forensics. Students learn hands-on in this fingerprinting lab!
OCTOBER 2016:  In Ms. Watkins' (North Wilkes High) Foods 1 class, not only are students learning valuable life skills and soft skills, but they all work together for the good of others!  In these pictures students are preparing a dinner for a former Foods student and FCCLA member's father.
Logan was making slaw, Terra was making Tea, Skylah was making beans, Brooke was making chocolate Eclair cake and they also made homemade chopped BBQ.
OCTOBER 2016: Advanced Manufacturing students in Mr. Burgess' class (Wilkes Central High) toured GardnerGlass recently. Students learned about the products manufactured at GardnerGlass, the manufacturing process, their workforce needs, and the importance of soft skills.
OCTOBER 2016:  Apparel and Textile Production students from Mrs. Pardue's class at East Wilkes High participated in a Fabric Burn Lab to test the qualities of Manufactured vs. Natural fibers and fabrics.
OCTOBER 2016: Students in Ms. Hall's Health Science 1 class at East Wilkes High School dissected sheep hearts this week. 
OCTOBER 2016: Maghan a 2015 NWHS graduate talked with Mrs Deal's (North Wilkes High School) Interior Design II class about her current studies as an Architectural Technology student at WCC. Maghan brought her drawing tools, 3D models and scaled drawings to show the students. Here Maghan is pictured with her sister Rachel, a junior at North Wilkes.
Maghan and Rachel discuss scaled drawings
OCTOBER 2016: Students in Ms. Deals' (NWHS) Interior Design II class spoke with Kaitlyn M, a 2015 NWHS grad now a sophomore at NC State majoring in Fashion and Textile Management. Kaitlyn spoke about college life - what it is like and what helped her in high school prepare for college.  In CTE we help develop the whole student by giving them both the hard skills AND the soft skills they need to be successful as they develop their career plans.
Kaitlyn visits North High to discuss college life at NC State

OCTOBER 2016: Students in Mr. Scism's (NWHS) Scientific & Technical Visualization class are tracking the path of Hurricane Matthew!  This course introduces students to the use of complex graphic tools. Emphasis is placed on the principles, concepts, and use of complex graphic and visualization tools as applied to the study of science and technology. Students use complex 2D graphics, animation, editing, and image analysis tools to better understand, illustrate, explain, and present technical, mathematical, and/or scientific concepts and principles. Emphasis is placed on the use of computer-enhanced images to generate both conceptual and data-driven models, data-driven charts and animations.


Students track hurricane Matthew





SEPTEMBER 2016: CTSOs (Career & Technical Student Organizations) are important to Wilkes County Schools! Ms. Deal's (NWHS) students, Christian and Hailey, are seen below creating a FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) homecoming poster.
Christian and Hailey creating an FCCLA homecoming poster
SEPTEMBER 2016: Mrs. Angela Ellis' Health Science 2 class at West Wilkes High School has been learning about resume writing and interviewing skills.  The culminating activity required that each student participate in a mock interview with a local business representative. Students dressed to impressed and brought a hard copy of their finished resume.  All students received feedback on their resumes and interviewing skills.
SEPTEMBER 2016: Students in Mrs. Tracy Walker's CTI 110 - Web Programming and Database Foundations class at North Wilkes High School are creating a Mathematics Web Page using HTML5.  CTI stands for Computer Technology Integration and is a course offered through the Career & College Promise Program. Juniors and seniors interested in computer technology and who are eligible to take this course can earn high school and Wilkes Community College credit TUITION FREE!  Talk with your school counselor or Mrs. Walker to learn more!
SEPTEMBER 2016: Students from Mrs. Pardue's Apparel I class at East Wilkes High precisely measure and cut fabric as they work to complete their first sewing project, a drawstring bag.
SEPTEMBER 2016: Students from Mrs. Deal's Interior Design II class at North Wilkes High learned and practiced their interview skills with the help from Les Miller, Callie McGraw, and Cashae Cook from NC Works Career Center.