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Stone Center for Performing Arts » Stone Center Set-Up Sheet

Stone Center Set-Up Sheet


Set-Up Worksheet (Form 012007)


Room Reserved:     Stone Center        Board Room
1.  Person responsible: _____________________ Phone: ___________________
2.  Name of program: _______________________________________
3.  Date(s) of program: _____________________
4.  Starting time of reservation: _______ am/pm
5.  Starting time of program: _______ am/pm
6.  Ending time of reservation: _______am/pm
____ Number of Tables (each table accommodates 8 chairs)     
____ With linens at $3 each
____ Number of Chairs (only)
_____Custodial Services Will be Billed at $15.23 per Hr. – per custodian
 How should the room be arranged? [Please include diagram on back.]
7.  □ Yes No   Will you need the microphones, lighting and sound board? ($21.32 per hour) 
  □ Microphones □ Lighting □ Sound Board
8.  □ Yes No Will you need the divider closed? 
9.  □ Yes No Will you need both sides of the room?
10. □ Yes No Will computers need to be hooked to the projectors?
Front  Back  Both
11. □ Yes No Will you need the DVD players?
Front  Back  Both
12. □ Yes No Will you need the speaker’s podium? 
Place podium(s) stage floor Board Room
Any additional equipment [overheads, VCR, cables, etc] must be arranged through Tech.
13. □ Yes No Is food being served
14. □ Yes No Is the event being catered.
15. Name and phone number of the person catering ? ________________
16. □ Yes No Will you be providing your own center pieces?
17. □ Yes No Will you need gate opened for access to handicap ramp for Stone Center?
18. □ Yes No Responsible party agrees to return the facility in the same condition it was found?  
19. When any additional decorations are being used there is to be no tape of any kind attached to the walls, post or columns in the Stone Center.
20. All art work is to be left in place.
21. All props/costumes, etc. must be removed from the premises within 48 hours following your performance.
22. Any changes made after set-up sheet has been completed should be communicated to Melissa Shepherd or Janet Staley.
23. This Set-Up Sheet must be completed and returned two weeks prior to your event.


Responsible party agrees to maintain the facility in a clean and orderly manner and shall return to officials in the same condition as when received.  User accepts full responsibility for any personal injury or property damage which may occur during the time period of use of the facility.  Wilkes County School Systems is not liable for any personal injury or loss of personal possessions.


Signature:  _____________________________  Date:  ________________


Mailing Address:  ______________________________________________



Please return completed form to Melissa Shepherd – Fax:  336-667-5607


(Form 012007)(Revised 7-13-10



The Setup Sheet for the Stone Family Center for Performing Arts may also be accessed by downloading the PDF file linked at the bottom of this page.