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3000 Series - Educational Programs » 3223 Web 2.0

3223 Web 2.0

As telecommunication grows, more teaching opportunities become available for global collaboration and learning. Teachers must thoroughly preview all online resources before using them with students. Content must be ageappropriate and aligned with the North Carolina mandated curriculum.
All students may participate in curriculum-related online communication according to the following:
1. Teachers are responsible for monitoring content and maintaining student privacy and personal information
2. Students may not share their personal information or passwords
3. Students may not share the personal information of others
4. Students may not cyber bully (Refer to Acceptable Use Policy)
5. School Administrators must be made aware of communication projects and how it aligns with the curriculum
6. Students must be made aware of the dangers of sharing personal or detailed information about themselves or anyone else
7. Profiles should not include address or phone number
8. Immediate action must be taken by the teacher to remove inappropriate information
9. Students must be made aware of the risks involved in leaving their content open and unattended
10. In accordance with the Children’s Online Protecting Privacy Act, students who are under the age of 13 will be required to have parental/guardian consent before using certain websites. For these websites, teachers will be responsible for receiving parental permission before the site is used by students under the age of 13.
11. Certain websites require permission for use by any student; teachers are responsible for reading the terms of agreement for websites before use with students and receiving parental permission if required.
In accordance with the Student Records Policy 4700, student images, audio, and videos may be posted with the approval of the principal.
All videos for public viewing depicting students must comply with Student Records Policy 4700. 
Content may not be posted or broadcast unless it meets the following criteria:
1. It is part of the school curriculum
2. It is in keeping with all other policies of Wilkes County Schools
3. It assures student privacy
Legal References: Communication Act of 1934, as amended, 47 U.S.C. ә 609; G.S. 115C-102 .6A-C(5), GS 115c- 518, GS 115c-522, GS 115c-522.1, GS 115c-518, GS 147-33.111.
Cross References: Copyright Compliance (policies 3230/7330), School Improvement Plan (policy 3430), Standards of Expected Student Behavior (policy 4310), Public Records (policy 5070), Staff Responsibilities (policy 7300), Professional Development and Assistance (policy 1610/7800), Technology in the Educational Program (policy 3220), Acceptable Use Policy (policy 3225/7320), Student Records (policy 4700), Hardware (policy 3221), Software (policy 3222)
Adopted: August 4, 2008
Revised: September 6, 2011, May 11, 2015