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3000 Series - Educational Programs » 3222 Software

3222 Software

Software should correlate with the North Carolina mandated curriculum. All software purchases or grant requests for software must be approved by the technology department before purchases are made or grants seeking software are submitted.
1. The Director of Technology, Network Engineer, or Instructional Technology Facilitators will be responsible for software installation or for authorizing designees to install programs.
2. Unauthorized persons will not install software.
3. Media Specialists or the principal’s designee is responsible for maintaining software licenses. Documentation of purchase must be maintained as long as the software is installed.
4. Individual copies of stand-alone software will not be installed except in specialized circumstances approved by the technology department.
5. Schools, program coordinators, or program directors must purchase network software licenses rather than stand alone software.
6. All employees are responsible for upholding U. S. Copyright Laws.
7. Unauthorized downloading or installing of software or files is a direct violation of this policy. This includes, but is not limited to, Internet browsers, games, music, graphics, instant messengers, etc. Exceptions to this rule must be applied for in writing to the school principal. The principal will then submit the written request to the Director of Technology who will determine the appropriateness of the request. Consideration will be made based upon the educational justification of the written request.
8. Software purchased by the school system will not be installed on personal computers except as allowed by the software license.
9. Instructional Technology Facilitators will immediately delete any unauthorized software and report the infraction to the school principal. It is the principal’s responsibility to ensure all staff and students adhere to U. S. Copyright laws.
10. Passwords will not be shared.
11. Before leaving a computer unattended, staff members will secure programs containing confidential student information including NC Student Information System (NCSIS). See the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.
Antivirus software will be installed and maintained on all Wilkes County Schools’ computers. 
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Cross References: Copyright Compliance (policies 3230/7330), School Improvement Plan (policy 3430), Standards of Expected Student Behavior (policy 4310), Public Records (policy 5070), Staff Responsibilities (policy 7300), Professional Development and Assistance (policy 1610/7800), Technology in the Educational Program (policy 3220), Acceptable Use Policy (policy 3225/7320), Hardware (policy 3221), Web 2.0/3.0 (policy 3223)
Adopted: August 4, 2008
Revised: September 6, 2011, May 11, 2015