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3221 Hardware

In order to maintain consistency, the Technology Department must approve the purchase of all new technology equipment in accordance with Wilkes County Schools’ Technology Plan.
1. Opening and setting up new equipment is the sole responsibility of the Technology Department.
2. Persons not employed or approved by Wilkes County Schools’ Technology Department may not repair, move, or tamper with school equipment or software.
3. All computers located on school sites are the property of Wilkes County Schools unless otherwise labeled.
4. Wilkes County Schools is not responsible for damage or repair of personal systems.
5. Peripheral devices cannot be attached to school owned systems except by authorized personnel within the Technology Department.
6. Desktop computers, monitors, and printers may not be removed from school premises except by the Technology Department.
7. It is the discretion of the superintendent as to whether other technology items can be checked out for off campus use. Equipment will be returned in the same condition in which it was borrowed. The borrower will be financially responsible for any loss, damage or repair.
8. Personal equipment may not be connected to the school system’s infrastructure by cabling into the network.
9. Only school owned printing devices may be used on campus.
10. The computer systems, networks, and data repositories of the Wilkes County Schools’ network are critical resources and must be protected against unauthorized access, malicious access, and disruption of service. Authorized users of school computer systems, networks and data repositories may be permitted to remotely connect to those systems to conduct school related business. Connections will only be granted through secure, authenticated and carefully managed access methods. Opening uncontrolled or unsecured paths presents unacceptable risk to our entire infrastructure.
11. Information security will be given a high priority by employees of Wilkes County Schools. The range of security threats and appropriate safeguards will be communicated to employees.
12. Contracted personnel will be made aware of technology policies, standards, and procedures.
In an effort to maintain high student achievement, system “downtime” for upgrade or repair will be monitored to ensure timely restoration of services. The Director of Technology will evaluate and prioritize the need for deploying additional staff. Wilkes County Schools’ Technology Department is solely responsible for maintenance and repair of all technology systems.
1. Employees should follow site-based procedures for immediately reporting damaged, broken, or stolen equipment.
2. Employees are responsible for securing equipment assigned to them against theft, vandalism, or abuse.
3. Equipment will not be hand delivered to the Technology Department for prioritized repair.
4. In the event of an emergency, it is the responsibility of Wilkes County Schools’ Technology Department to execute network disaster recovery procedures. In preparation for such an event, backups of essential network files and data will be performed. Individual staff members are responsible for backing up professional files, important documents, student’s information, etc.
5. The Technology Department will determine when equipment has reached end-of-life status and will advise schools accordingly. A replacement cycle of five years is strongly recommended for all computer hardware. All replacement equipment must meet the guidelines set forth by Wilkes County Schools’ Technology Plan.
6. Donations procured from outside sources become the property of Wilkes County Schools and are fully subject to applicable North Carolina Statutes.
7. The following steps must be followed when disposing of outdated equipment.
Technology equipment will be approved for disposal by the Instructional Technology Facilitator, Principal, or the Technology Department.
1. The school will present a list of items for requested removal from the school inventory list to the Board of Education for approval.
2. The Technology Department will remove all software from the hard drives of approved computers.
3. In keeping with U. S. Copyright Laws, schools will not sell or give away any software.
4. Approved equipment will be removed by a recycling company accepted by the Technology Department. It is illegal for non-households in North Carolina to dispose of electronic devices with a cathode ray tube (CRT) in a “dumpster”, landfill, or solid waste transfer facility.
5. Schools choosing to sell discarded equipment will honestly communicate the condition of the equipment to the buyer. 
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Cross References: Copyright Compliance (policies 3230/7330), School Improvement Plan (policy 3430), Standards of Expected Student Behavior (policy 4310), Public Records (policy 5070), Staff Responsibilities (policy 7300), Professional Development and Assistance (policy 1610/7800), Technology in the Educational Program (policy 3220), Acceptable Use Policy (policy 3225/7320), Software (policy 3222), Web 2.0/3.0 (policy3223)
Adopted: August 4, 2008
Revised: May 11, 2015